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Academic experts available to discuss COVID-19

Northwestern University scholars can speak to medical, public health, economic angles and more

  • Updated: September 23, 2020

Northwestern University experts are available to discuss the rippling impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Medical experts can speak to the physical and mental health impacts of the virus, testing and vaccine development and the public policy response. Business and economics experts are available to address the global economic impact; and University spokespeople are available to discuss Northwestern's response to the pandemic. 

Below you will find news releases and multimedia assets related to Northwestern experts' COVID-19 research. You also can read faculty commentary in our media advisories or request an interview with professors for your story. Connect with faculty directly using the contact information below, or reach out to media relations for assistance.

This page is updated daily with the latest expert commentary and research.

Experts also are available to discuss President Donald Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis. View our press kit for experts on how his diagnosis impacts his campaign, stock markets and more.


Browse COVID-19 experts, research and media advisories

Virology and infectious diseases



future bus yt tn512

COVID ventilator patients can have permanent nerve damage - Sept. 2
Prone positioning saves lives, but nerve pressure injuries impair arms and legs

A contactless bus designed for the pandemic age
- Aug. 22
'We got our inspiration from the dandelion flower'


spike protein640

Research exposes new vulnerability in SARS-CoV-2 - Aug. 11
Researchers discovered that nanometer-scale electrostatic interactions enhance the novel coronavirus' spike protein bonds to host cells, making the virus more infectious.


Survey: Most Americans willing to vaccinate for COVID-19 - Aug. 6
Report discovered racial disparities in vaccination likelihood


corona 5174671 1280

Northwestern launches COVID-19 registry for vaccine trials - July 27
Northwestern Medicine has launched a COVID Prevention Trials Registry for people who are interested in participating in COVID-19 clinical trials to prevent infection from the virus.

COVID 19 medicationSQuARE

Popular hypertension drugs don’t increase risk of COVID-19 severity, fatality - July 21
Study dispels fears for patients with hypertension, cardiovascular and diabetic kidney disease


Cavidots COVID-19 AI toolNew A.I. tool is a potential timesaver for COVID-19 researchers - June 18
CAVIDOTS provides easy-to-skim summaries of academic papers


COVID patient6

Comforting, monitoring 7,600 COVID patients at home - June 16
Daily check-ins to know when patients need to go to emergency department


Brain scan reveals COVID-19 threatens the full nervous systemCOVID-19 threatens the entire nervous system - June 11
Neurological symptoms may appear before fever or cough


Lab studiesImprecise findings in drug trials could steer clinicians away from innovative treatments - June 8
Small sample sizes make estimates of treatment effects imprecise, expert says


Pregnant woman, whose placenta could be damaged by COVID-19Placentas from COVID-19-positive pregnant women show injury - May 22
Findings suggests abnormal blood flow between mothers, babies in utero


Picture of sunset demonstrating link between Vitamin D and COVID mortality ratesVitamin D appears to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates - May 7
Patients with severe deficiency are twice as likely to experience severe complications, including death


covid antibody test mcdade northwesternNorthwestern team develops new antibody test for COVID-19 - May 6
Minimally invasive approach requires single drop of blood


Woman in mask surrounded by AI covid AI speeds up search for COVID-19 treatments and vaccines - May 4
Researchers develop machine model that exponentially shortens expert review period


covid-19 rapid testOne-step diagnostic tool receives NSF RAPID grant - April 20
Rapid, easy, point-of-need test could enable global tracking of infectious diseases


scientist looking at beakerPeptide therapies could disable coronavirus’ spike proteins - April 13
Nanostructures could safely deliver a notoriously fragile drug to virus


covid cell biologyCell-free biotechnology could help accelerate COVID-19 therapeutics - April 2
Platform could produce new antiviral drugs more than 10 times faster


covid drug trialCOVID-19 drug trial launches at Northwestern Medicine - March 31
Remdesivir was developed for Ebola and has antiviral activity for coronaviruses


Teresa Crawford photo 375 1024x680COVID-19 testing now taking place in transformed Northwestern lab - March 30
Goal is to quadruple number of processed tests at Northwestern Medicine hospitals to 360 per day


coronavirus drug targetNew drug target found for COVID-19 - March 19 
Scientists discover critical protein that lets virus hide from immune system

coronavirus drug target protein mappingNew coronavirus protein reveals drug target - March 2
Drugs previously in development for SARS could be effective for COVID-19

coronavirus pregnancy transmissionNo coronavirus transmission in womb, study suggests - Feb. 13
Study of nine pregnant women in Wuhan finds no evidence that coronavirus can jump from mother to fetus in the womb

Media advisories


babafemi taiwoBabafemi Taiwo
COVID-19 clinical drug trial leader


Babafemi Taiwo, chief of infectious diseases at Feinberg and Northwestern Medicine, is the principal investigator of a clinical trial for the drug remdesivir. The anti-viral was developed to treat Ebola and has  been found to have antiviral activity against coronaviruses including MERS and now SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease.


robert murphy coronavirus expert2

Dr. Robert Murphy
Infectious disease and global health pandemic expert

(312) 503-9000

Robert Murphy, executive director of the Institute for Global Health at Feinberg , is well versed in the ever-evolving facts surrounding COVID-19, including physical symptoms, how it spreads, updates on potential treatments and vaccines, and how public health officials are managing the disease’s spread. As a global health expert, Murphy can speak about this epidemic and how it compares to previous disease outbreaks.


Mercedes Carnethon, epidemiologistMercedes Carnethon, Ph.D.
Infectious disease and epidemiology expert

(312) 503-4479

Mercedes Carnethon, vice chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine and the Mary Harris Thompson Professor of Epidemiology and Pulmonary and Critical Care at Feinberg, studies the epidemiology of the disease and can speak to its broad effects across population subgroups.


jaline gerardin

Jaline Gerardin, Ph.D.
Expert in infectious disease modeling

(312) 503-1895

Jaline Gerardin, assistant professor of epidemiology at Feinberg, is working on predictive models for the COVID-19 outbreak. Previously she served as the malaria lead at the Institute for Disease Modeling in Seattle, working on models to treat, prevent and eliminate malaria across diverse endemic settings. 

Headshot of Igor Koralnik, who studies COVID-19's impact on the nervous systemDr. Igor Koralnik
Studies COVID-19's impact on the nervous system

Dr. Igor Koralnik, chief of neuro-infectious disease and global neurology and the Archibald Church Professor of Neurology at Feinberg, conducted a study finding that COVID-19 poses a threat to the entire nervous system.


Headshot of Karla Satchell, who is working on a vaccine for COVID-19Karla Satchell, Ph.D.
Expert on the process and challenges of developing drugs to fight the virus

(312) 503-2162

Karla Satchell, professor of microbiology-immunology at Feinberg, leads a national team of scientists who are investigating the structure of the coronavirus to understand how to stop it from replicating in human cells. 


michael jewett covid drug manufacturingMichael Jewett
Drug manufacturing expert

(847) 457-5007

Michael Jewett, professor of chemical and biological engineering and director of Northwestern's Center for Synthetic Biology, has developed a new platform that can produce antiviral drugs more than 10 times faster than current methods. He is working to produce new medications that can be quickly produced and distributed to COVID-19 patients. Jewett also is a co-principal investigator on research to develop a one-step COVID-19 diagnostic tool. 


Julius Lucks one-step coronavirus testJulius B. Lucks
Rapid test development researcher

(847) 467-2943

Julies B. Lucks, professor of chemical and biological engineering at McCormick, is a co-principal investigator on research to develop a one-step COVID-19 diagnostic tool. Similar to a pregnancy test, the tool uses one sample to provide an easy-to-read negative or positive result on-site. The research is funded by an NSF RAPID grant.


Joshua Leonard synthetic biologyJoshua Leonard, Ph.D.
Rapid test development researcher

(847) 491-7455

Joshua Leonard, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering at McCormick, , is a co-principal investigator on research to develop a one-step COVID-19 diagnostic tool. Similar to a pregnancy test, the tool uses one sample to provide an easy-to-read negative or positive result on-site. The research is funded by an NSF RAPID grant.


elizabeth mcnallyDr. Elizabeth M. McNally
COVID-19 testing expert

(312) 503-5600

Elizabeth McNally is the director of Feinberg's Center for Genetic Medicine, the Elizabeth J. Ward Professor of Genetic Medicine and a professor of cardiology and biochemistry and molecular genetics. She can speak to the processes and issues surrounding developing a test for COVID-19.


xinkun wangXinkun Wang
COVID-19 testing expert

(312) 503-3331

Xinkun Wang,  director of the NUSeq Core Facility and research associate professor of biochemistry and molecular genetics, can speak to the processes and issues surrounding COVID-19 testing.


Thomas McDade, antibody test, one drop of bloodThomas McDade
Antibody testing developer

(847) 467-4304

Thomas McDade, a biological anthropologist at Weinberg, led a team of researchers to develop a new method for testing for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) antibodies. The method requires only a single drop of blood collected from a simple finger prick. 


stupp sam nanotechnologySamuel Stupp
Expert in drug development 

(847) 491-3002

Samuel Stupp -  the Board of Trustees Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering - is developing a new therapeutic to target and disable the coronavirus' so-called "spike proteins" that cause COVID-19.


headshot of michael ison coronavirus expertDr. Michael Ison
Infectious diseases expert

(312) 695-4186

Michael Ison, professor of infectious diseases and organ transplantation at Feinberg and a Northwestern Medicine physician, can speak about the clinical side of the virus, including symptoms and the promise of potential treatments. As one of Northwestern's go-to influenza experts, Ison is well versed at speaking to media about the flu and other respiratory viruses.


Jeffery Goldstein, who found placenta damage in pregnant women due to COVID-19Dr. Jeffery Goldstein
Studies coronavirus in pregnant women

Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, director of perinatal pathology in Feinberg's department of pathology, led a study that found abnormal blood flow between mothers and babies in-utero, showing evidence of injury to the placenta.


wei zhang coronavirus pregnancy2Wei Zhang, Ph.D.
Studies coronavirus in pregnant women

(312) 503-1040

Wei Zhang, associate professor of preventive medicine at Feinberg, recently co-authored a study of nine pregnant women in Wuhan, China, that found no evidence that coronavirus can jump from mother to fetus in the womb. Based in Chicago, Zhang provided epidemiology and data interpretation for this study and is continuing to work with scientists in China to research COVID-19.


daniel batlleDr. Daniel Batlle
Hypertension expert

(312) 908-8342

Daniel Batlle -- the Earle, del Greco, Levin Professor of Medicine at Feinberg -- can discuss the impact of COVID-19 on heart health.


Jeffrey LinderDr. Jeffrey A. Linder
Primary care physician

(312) 695-8630

Jeffrey A. Linder, Chief of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics and the Michael A. Gertz Professor of Medicine at Feinberg, can speak about telemedicine, general patient-care questions and the use of antibiotics during the pandemic -- including drugs that are being touted to treat COVID-19 but have not been fully tested.


benjamin singerDr. Benjamin Singer
Pulmonary and critical care expert


Benjamin Singer is an assistant professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine and of biochemistry and molecular genetics at Feinberg. He can address general health-related COVID-19 questions, pulmonology questions, and questions about ventilator use.


robert bonowDr. Robert Bonow
Cardiology expert

(312) 695-1052

Dr. Robert Bonow, vice chair of development and innovation in the department of medicine at Feinberg, can address the impact of COVID-19 on the heart as well as claims that hydroxychloroquine, a common malaria treatment, can treat COVID-19 when combined with the antibiotic azithromycin. 


yancy clyde cardiologyDr. Clyde Yancy
Cardiology expert

(312) 695-0829

Dr. Clyde Yancy, chief of cardiology in the department of medicine and vice dean for diversity and inclusion at Feinberg, can address the racial disparities around COVID-19 as well as the impact of the virus on the heart. 


kiarri kershawKiarri Kershaw, Ph.D., MPH
Studies health disparities


Kiarri Kershaw, is a social epidemiologist who studies how the social environment impacts health. She can discuss the racial disparities around COVID-19. 


michael wolfMichael Wolf, Ph.D., MPH
Studies impact to older adults


Michael Wolf, professor of medicine at Feinberg, conducted a study that found that many individuals in the highest risk category for COVID-19 because of multiple chronic health conditions didn’t think the disease would affect them and reported not changing their behavior at the beginning of the outbreak. He can discuss the reasons for the behavior as well as differences in behavior across demographics.


charlesnika tyon evansCharlesnika Tyon Evans, Ph.D., MPH
Expert on healthcare-associated infections


Charlesnika Tyon Evans, associate professor of preventive medicine and epidemiology at Feinberg, studies the epidemiology of infectious diseases, particularly healthcare-associated infections. She can discuss risks to healthcare workers and others working on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19.


Vadim Backman, studies vitamin d's role in covid-19Vadim Backman
Studies role of vitamin D in COVID-19


Vadim Backman, the Walter Dill Scott Professor of Environmental Engineering at McCormick, led statistical analysis of data from hospitals around the world, finding that countries with the highest COVID-19 mortality rates also had lower levels of vitamin D.

olvera de la cruz monica2

Monica Olvera de la Cruz
Studies how the coronavirus bonds to host cells


Monica Olvera de la Cruz is the Lawyer Taylor Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. Her lab works on the development of models to describe the self-assembly of heterogeneous molecules including amphiphiles, copolymers, and synthetic and biological polyelectrolytes, as well as the segregation and interface adsorption in multicomponent complex fluids. She can talk about the study she lead that uncovered a vulnerability in the coronavirus' spike protein.

Headshot of Amy Paller, dermatologist who can discuss covid toesDr. Amy Paller
Studies skin conditions caused by COVID-19

(312) 695-3721

Dr. Amy Paller, chair of Feinberg's department of dermatology and director of Northwestern's Skin Disease Research Center, can discuss skin conditions related to COVID-19, including "COVID toes."


anne rowley kawasaki disease expertDr. Anne Rowley
Kawasaki disease expert

(312) 227-4080

Dr. Anne Rowley is an expert on Kawasaki disease and can discuss symptoms of COVID-19 appearing especially in children. Rowley is a professor of pediatrics (infectious diseases) and microbiology-immunology at Northwestern University and an infectious diseases physician at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.


Headshot of Aaron Packman, waterborne COVID-19 expertAaron Packman
Waterborne disease expert

(847) 467-6790

Aaron Packman, professor of civil and environmental engineering at McCormick and  director of Northwestern’s Center for Water Research, is an expert on the dynamics of water systems and waterborne disease transmission. He can discuss how novel coronavirus-contaminated water can be disinfected.


George Wells, wastewater treatment expertGeorge Wells
Wastewater treatment expert


George Wells, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at McCormick, is an expert on wastewater treatment and environmental microbiology. He can discuss wastewater monitoring and the effectiveness of U.S. wastewater treatment systems against the novel coronavirus.

Public policy and politics


Capitol domeAmericans’ Approval of Governors’ Ability to Handle COVID-19 Continues to Decline - Sept. 14
Report shows drops in their approval despite the decrease in cases across states


IMG 908COVID-19 pandemic should be a wake-up call for water security - Aug. 24
Researchers urge global policy makers to invest in water infrastructure


School Reopening WEB2National Survey: Most Americans not confident school reopening can be done safely - Aug. 18
Report found differences across groups of Americans, notably by gender and race


social distancing

COVID-19 risk model uses hospital data to guide decisions on social distancing - July 29
General framework has led to policy changes in Austin, could help other communities


Antibody testAntibody testing research receives NSF RAPID grant - June 17
Project will investigate the origins of social inequalities in COVID-19 across neighborhoods in Chicago


American flag on buildingAmericans’ trust in institutions to handle COVID-19 is fading - June 8
New survey data shows the largest drop among police, with trust falling by nearly 10 points


Photo of groceries, showing food insecurity during covid

Food insecurity triples for families with children during COVID-19 pandemic - May 18
Data show nearly half worry they will run out of food and have no money for more


Media advisories


Headshot of Craig Garthwaite, expert in COVID treatment price strategyCraig Garthwaite
Health care economist
(847) 491-2509

Craig Garthwaite, the Herman R. Smith Research Professor in Hospital and Health Services and the director of the Program on Healthcare at Kellogg, is available to discuss pricing strategy and medical ethics around COVID-19 treatments. Garthwaite's research examines the business of health care with a focus on the interaction between private firms and public policies. His recent work has focused on private sector effects of the Affordable Care Act, economic effects of social insurance programs such as Medicaid and the responses of nonprofit hospitals to financial shocks.


kelly michelson

Dr. Kelly Michelson
Medical ethics and public health policy expert


Kelly Michelson is director of Northwestern's Institute for Public Health and Medicine and the Julia and David Uihlein Professor of Bioethics and Medical Humanities. She is available to discuss the ethical questions surrounding patient care protocols at hospitals. 

morton251David Morton
Expert on stochastic optimization

David Morton is chair and David A. and Karen Richards Sachs Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences at McCormick. He studies stochastic optimization and its application to energy, security and health systems. He can speak about the modeling framework he co-authored that helps policymakers determine which data to track and when to take action to protect their communities in the COVID-19 pandemic.


diane schanzenbach human development social policyDiane Schanzenbach
Social policy expert

(847) 491-3884

Diane Schanzenbach, director of Northwestern's Institute for Policy Research and the Margaret Walker Alexander Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, can speak about impacts on low-income populations in the the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and the importance of inclusion of food assistance in the stimulus bill. 

laurel harbridge yong 168x210SQAURE

Laurel Harbridge-Yong
Expert on partisan conflict in American politics 

Laurel Harbridge-Yong is an associate professor of political science and a faculty fellow with the University’s Institute for Policy Research. She can speak about partisan tenions and Republicans' plan to cut unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.


LoriPost171Lori Post
Expert on global health and health disparities  


Lori Post is the director of the Buehler Center for Health Policy and Economics at the Institute for Public Health and Medicine and a professor of emergency medicine and medical social sciences and at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Post is an expert in global health and health disparities and can speak about potential disruptions to the food supply during the COVID-19 outbreak and if it’s safe to eat food handled by people who have tested positive for COVID-19. She also can discuss the increased risk for domestic abuse when people who have an existing violent person in the house are quarantined at home together.


shumate140Michelle Shumate
Expert on interorganizational networks


Michelle Shumate, professor of communications studies in the School of Communication, is a leading researcher on interorganizational networks who can speak to interagency collaboration and response. For 15 years, she’s researched how organizations can work together to respond to social issues.


smilowitz140Karen Smilowitz
Expert on humanitarian logistics


Karen Smilowitz, the James N. and Margie M. Krebs Professor in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, studies how pressure on the food supply chain could impact those who need supplies the most, including public school students and those who rely on food banks.


adia bentonAdia Benton
Global anthropology expert

(847) 491-2852

Anthropology researcher Adia Benton can speak to issues surrounding the global response to the pandemic - how scientific and public health expertise is brought to bear in calibrating recommendations at various levels of governance and alternative ways of framing conversations about efforts to curb infection in communities.


James Druckman, who studies trust in institutions in the wake of COVID-19James Druckman
Studies trust in institutions


James Druckman, the Payson S. Wild Professor of Political Science and associate director of Northwestern's Institute for Policy Research, has studied public opinion about institutions' ability to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Beth RedbirdBeth Redbird
Expert on public opinion of COVID-19 impact and response

(847) 467-3985

Beth Redbird, assistant professor of sociology in Weinberg, leads a daily national representative survey of U.S. public opinions, behaviors and attitudes related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The “COVID-19 Social Change Survey” asks, for example, how isolated respondents feel, how they are preparing, whether they think the pandemic is a hoax and whether they think the crisis is fostering a sense of solidarity or community.  


jaime dominguezJaime Dominguez
Political expert, focusing on minority populations

(847) 467-0706

Jaime Dominguez, assistant professor of political science, studies urban politics, race, ethnic and and Latino and Chicago politics, as well as the politics of immigrant integration. He can speak to the community impact of COVID-19 policies as well as the impact on the 2020 elections.


Michael Kang 1Michael S. Kang
Campaign and politics expert

(312) 503-7344

Michael S. Kang is the William G. and Virginia K. Karnes Research Professor at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and a nationally recognized expert on campaign finance, election laws, voting rights, redistricting, judicial elections and corporate governance. He can speak to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the 2020 elections.


tillery alvin

Alvin Tillery
Politics expert


Alvin Tillery, associate professor of political science and African American studies and director of Northwestern's Center for the Study of Diversity and Democracy, can speak about the impact of the pandemic on the 2020 elections. 


ian hurdIan Hurd
International relations expert

(847) 491-4847

Ian Hurd, professor of political science, is an expert in international law and politics. He can speak about how nations' handling of the crisis impacts their standing on the world stage. 

Terri Sabol profileSQUARE2Terri Sabol
Expert on child development


Terri Sabol is an assistant professor of human development and social policy in the School of Education and Social Policy and a former elementary school teacher. Her research focuses on the individual and environmental factors that lead to healthy child development, and she can speak about varying safety precaution needs for different age groups of students in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Weisleder 1SQAUAREAdriana Weisleder
Language development expert


 Adriana Weisleder is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Director of the Child Language Lab. Her research investigates early language development and processing in young children from diverse linguistic and socioeconomic backgrounds, with a focus on dual language learners. She can speak about potential implications of mask-use for dual language learners.


mcadams dan psychologyDan P. McAdams 
Expert on human development and social policy 


Dan P. McAdams is the Henry Wade Rogers Professor of Psychology and professor of human development and social policy at the School of Education and Social Policy and the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. He is available to speak to media about President Donald Trump's behavior and response in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. 


Sarath Sanga, expert on how shutdowns impact violent crimeSarath Sanga
Studies shutdowns' impact on domestic violence

(312) 503-2979

Sarath Sanga, associate professor of law, has studied how COVID-19 shutdowns have impacted domestic violence rates.


Psychology and mental health


Social Media and MisinformationSocial media contributes to misinformation about COVID-19 - Sept. 23
National survey explores misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccine acceptance


VaccinePublic trust and Americans’ willingness to vaccinate for COVID-19 - Sept. 16
Report shows that a desire to vaccinate depends on trust in leaders and institutions



hospital northwestern bed2

Anthropologists Katherina Amato and Thomas McDade receive grants for COVID-19-related health projects - Aug. 6
Interdisciplinary research on social, cognitive and biological implications of the pandemic

More lonely deaths in hospitals and nursing homes from COVID - July 17
Patients who died from COVID-19 in 2020 are 12 times more likely to die in a hospital than patients who died from any cause in 2018

App helps COVID anxiety, depression - May 22Intellicare app helps with mental health during COVID-19
Free mobile apps – IntelliCare – significantly reduce mental health symptoms


older adults covid-19

Older adults didn’t think COVID-19 would affect them - April 9
They didn’t change daily routine, delayed social distancing



Sociologist leads national survey on impact of COVID-19 - April 9
Interdisciplinary team to assess how public thinks, feels and behaves during global pandemic


Media advisories


catherine belling coronavirus anxiety3Catherine Belling, Ph.D.
Can discuss hypochondria and concerns about the virus

(312) 503-3215

Having written a book about the state of hypochondria in America, Catherine Belling, as associate professor of medical education at Feinberg, can discuss anxiety and how to decipher what might be hypochondria versus rational concern about the virus. Belling says the real issue with COVID-19 is the uncertainty surrounding the disease, which leads some people to panic while others underreact, become complacent and neglect to take the necessary precautions to be safe.

stewart shankman coronavirus anxiety2Stewart Shankman, Ph.D.
Expert on dealing with anxiety caused by the epidemic


Stewart Shankman, chief of psychology at Feinberg, can speak about coping mechanisms for anxiety related to the spread of a disease such as COVID-19, including deep breathing, exercise and not reading or researching too much about the epidemic. He said it’s important to strike a balance between being informed and catastrophizing.


2richard zinbarg coronavirus anxiety 1Richard Zinbarg
Expert on anxiety and treatment

(847) 467-2290

Richard Zinbarg, professor and chair of psychology, studies anxiety and treatments and can also speak about the tendency for people to think about mortality in the wake of extreme events.


Jacqueline Gollan caution fatigueJacqueline Gollan
Depression and anxiety expert


Jacqueline Gollan, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Feinberg, is a mental health expert with a focus on psychotherapy for depression and anxiety. She can discuss the concept of "caution fatigue" and how constant worry and vigilance impacts overall mental health.


phyllis zee sleep coronavirus covid20Dr. Phyllis Zee
Expert on how light affects sleep and overall health

(312) 908-8549

Dr. Phyllis Zee, professor of neurology and director of the Northwestern Medicine Sleep Disorders Center, studies the impact of sleep and light on overall health. She can provide advice on how to use sun and artificial light to improve mood, physical health, and general well-being, which can be especially helpful during periods of self-isolation due to coronavirus social distancing. 


judy moskowtiz coronavirus mental health2Judith Moskowitz, Ph.D.
Studies impact of emotions on health


Judith Moskowitz, professor of medical social sciences at Feinberg, studies how to increase positive emotion. She can discuss strategies to maintain positivity while in isolation.


andrea graham coronavirus isolation mental health2Andrea Graham, Ph.D.
Mobile/online health expert

(312) 503-5266

Andrea Graham, assistant professor of medical social sciences, studies the use of online and mobile technologies for medical treatment. She can discuss strategies to maintain positive mental health while in isolation.


joan anziaDr. Joan Anzia
Expert on strategies to maintain positive mental health


Joan Anzia, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Feinberg, can discuss the particular mental health challenges faces by doctors and nurses on the front-lines of COVID-19. 


alexandra solomon coronavirus relationships 1Alexandra Solomon
Relationship expert

(773) 805-0543

Alexandra Solomon, assistant clinical professor in Northwestern's Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy program and a staff therapist at The Family Institute, teaches the course “Building Loving and Lasting Relationships: Marriage 101” and is the author of “Loving Bravely: Twenty Lessons of Self-Discovery to Help You Get the Love You Want.” She can speak about the complications of working from home and being in constant contact with a spouse.


Headshot of Eli Finkel, coronavirus relationshipsEli Finkel
Relationship expert


Eli Finkel, author of the bestselling book "The All-or-Nothing Marriage: How the Best Marriages Work," is available to discuss how stay-at-home orders impact marriages, family dynamics and relationships with coworkers. Finkel also is a professor of psychology at Weinberg and a professor of management and organizations at Kellogg. 


haase140Claudia Haase
Expert on emotions across the life span


Claudia Haase, an assistant professor of human development and social policy in the School of Education and Social Policy, studies emotions in individuals and couples across the life span. She can discuss ways we can deal with our own and others’ emotions amidst COVID-19. A special focus is on emotion regulation in older adults and educators and what we can and cannot control. 


maryann masonMaryann Mason
Expert on environmental, cultural, institutional and social influences on health

Maryann Mason is an associate professor of emergency medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and leads violence and injury research at Feinberg’s Buehler Center for Health Policy and Economics at the Institute for Public Health. She is available to speak on the dangers of firearm ownership when combined with social isolation and provide tips on how to minimize risk during this period of coronavirus-related social distancing.    

Medical supplies


rogers covid640

Clinical-grade wearables offer continuous monitoring for COVID-19 - July 1
Sticker-like medical device streams symptom data to physicians


Smart PPE diagramSmart PPE project receives NSF RAPID grant - June 9
Sensors integrated into masks could assess proper fit, health risks


Wearable COVID-19 sensor that received NSF Rapid GrantWearable COVID-19 sensor receives NSF RAPID grant - June 3
Device monitors early signs, disease progression and response to treatment


Adapted emergency ventilator used for COVID-19 treatmentAdapting emergency ventilators for COVID-19 patients - May 21
Detailed instructions and how-to videos are available online


N95 mask with elastic that can be sanitized

UV-resistant elastic for N95 masks receives NSF RAPID grant - May 19
Material can withstand damage from disinfection, enabling masks to be safely reused


Sensor for monitoring covid patients at homeMonitoring COVID-19 from hospital to home: First wearable device continuously tracks key symptoms - May 4
Wireless sensor gently sits on throat to monitor coughs, fever and respiratory activity


Ventilator needs

New planning tool to help states estimate ventilator needs - April 6
Model could be used as a planning framework for state and federal agencies


coronavirus nicu apNew app allows NICU families to ‘visit’ baby during COVID-19 pandemic - March 31
During period of extremely limited visitation, app provides updates, support, education


3d printed face shield covid19Futuristic technology prints 1,000 face shield components per day - March 29
Researchers hope to make a dent in hospitals’ need with a single 3D printer

self-sanitizing face mask covid19Self-sanitizing face mask project receives NSF RAPID grant - March 24 
Chemically modified mask design could potentially slow the spread of viruses


Media advisories

Headshot of John Rogers, inventor of home covid sensorJohn Rogers
Developed sensor to monitor COVID-19 patients at home


Engineer John Rogers led development of a wearable device and data algorithms tailored to catch early signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19 and to monitor patients as the illness progresses. Rogers is the Louis Simpson and Kimberly Querrey Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Neurological Surgery at McCormick.


jiaxing huang self-sanitizing face mask to fight covid-19Jiaxing Huang
Engineering self-sanitizing face mask


Jiaxing Huang, professor of materials science and engineering at McCormick, has received funding from the National Science Foundation to develop a self-sanitizing face mask. He can discuss that work, as well as the role engineers can play in fighting the pandemic.


Josiah HesterJosiah Hester
Engineering "smart" mask


Josiah Hester, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at McCormick, received an NSF RAPID grant to develop smart face masks that use small, battery-powered sensors to assess proper fit and monitor health signals. 


Headshot of Mark Hersam, developing elastic that allows masks to be sanitizedMark Hersam
Engineering reusable N95 mask


Mark Hersam, a Walter P. Murphy Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at McCormick, received an NSF RAPID grant to develop a new elastic material that could enable N95 medical face masks to be disinfected and reused dozens of times.


chad mirkin 3d-printed face shieldsChad Mirkin
3D printing face shields

(847) 467-7302

Chad Mirkin, professor of chemistry and and biomedical engineering, is using a new 3D-printing technique called “high-area rapid printing” to make components for up to 1,000 face shields per day.


Michael Peshkin, creator of emergency ventilator adapterMichael Peshkin
Engineered ventilator adapter 

(847) 491-4630

Michael Peshkin, professor of mechanical engineering at McCormick, helped design a device to retrofit a common commercial emergency ventilator into a device better suited for COVID-19 patients. 


Ed Colgate, engineered ventilator adapter for COVID-19Ed Colgate
Engineered ventilator adapter

(847) 491-4264

Ed Colgate, professor of mechanical engineering at McCormick, helped design a device to retrofit a common commercial emergency ventilator into a device better suited for COVID-19 patients. 


sanjay mehrotraSanjay Mehrotra
Expert in medical supplies allocation


Sanjay Mehrotra, a professor of industrial engineering and management sciences at McCormick and director of the Center for Engineering Healthhas developed a new model to help U.S. states allocate and share ventilators and other life-saving resources in the fight against COVID-19. His lab develops optimization models to better allocate health care resources in order to reduce geographic disparities and reduce waste in the health care system.


hammond kris artificial intelligenceKris Hammond
Uses artificial intelligence to allocate medical supplies

(773) 551-8020

Kris Hammond, the Bill and Cathy Osborn Professor of Computer Science, is collaborating with Chicago tech startup Rheaply to launch the Emergency Resource Exchange (ERx), a new platform that connects organizations with personal protective equipment and other critical resources. 


hartmann140Erica Hartmann, Ph.D.
Studies how microbial communities respond to human-made chemicals

(847) 467-4528

Erica Hartmann, an assistant professor of environmental engineering, studies microbiomes inside built environments. She can discuss how best to disinfect homes and workplaces to kill viruses but without unintentionally causing bacteria to develop antimicrobial resistance.


garfield craig pediatricsCraig Garfield
Developed app for NICU families

(312) 503-5463

Craig Garfield, associate professor of pediatrics and medical social sciences at Feinberg, developed an app that allows parents to check in on their babies from afar to help ease the anxiety as hospitals restrict visitor access. The app sends updates on their babies' vital signs (breathing, weight, bowel movements, medications, etc.) and personalized information and education, such as common NICU terminology and who is caring for their baby at any given point.

Business and economics


wang pandemic remote work parents impact2

Pandemic disproportionately affects scientists with young children - July 15
A Northwestern University study finds parents are drastically reducing work hours during the pandemic, which could have long-term effects on their careers.

transportation chicago northwestern

New COVID-19 webinar series focuses on reopening cities across the country - July 8
Northwestern University scholars can speak to medical, public health, economic angles and more


COVID-19 consumer impact

Consumers react to coronavirus crisis, increasingly move online - April 7
March survey shows which consumers 'extremely worried' versus which 'not at all worried' about virus


Media advisories

phillip braun coronavirus economy stock markets2Phillip Braun
Can address the economic impact on business and stock markets

(847) 467-4563

Phillip Braun, clinical professor of finance at Kellogg, specializes in emerging market economies and financial markets. He can discuss the impact of the epidemic on business, stock markets and the global economy.


benjamin jones covidBenjamin Jones
Expert on economic policy, particularly relating to small businesses

(847) 491-3177

Benjamin Jones is the Gordon and Llura Gund Family Professor of Entrepreneurship and a professor of strategy at Kellogg. He is available to discuss the particular importance of small businesses to the larger economy as well as the complications of supporting them through federal policy.


Headshot of Linda Darragh, expert on shutdown order impact on small businessLinda Darragh
Small business innovation expert


Linda Darragh, the Larry Levy Executive Director of the Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative, is available to discuss the unique challenges the pandemic brings for small businesses, as well as the tools available to help them. Specifically, she can address ways in which small businesses will have to adapt their business models to meet the demands of a changing economic landscape. 


Sunil Chopra coronavirus covid19 economic impact2Sunil Chopra
Can discuss the impact on supply chain and distribution networks

(847) 491-8169

Sunil Chopra, the IBM Distinguished Professor of Operations Management at Kellogg, is an expert in operations management, logistics and distribution networks and is able to discuss how coronavirus might impact the global supply chain.


Hannes SchwandtHannes Schwandt
Expert on the recession's impact on young workers


Hannes Schwandt, assistant professor of human development and social policy in the School of Education and Social Policy and fellow at the Institute for Policy Research, has studied the impact of the recession caused by COVID-19 on young workers. He also is an expert in labor market entry, health inequality and life expectancy. 


Martin BlockMartin Block
Consumer behavior expert

(847) 491-5298

Martin Block, professor of integrated marketing communications at Medill, conducted survey analysis to determine how the pandemic will impact consumer behavior. He can discuss issues such as how the pandemic will influence online and mobile consumer behavior and how different demographics will react to the crisis.

Earle Paul 051917SQUAREPaul Earle
Expert on brand and innovation


Paul Earle is an adjunct lecturer of innovation and entreprenuership at Kellogg, as well as a brand and innovation professional, entrepreneur and intrapreneur. He can speak about the MLB as a brand in relation to its handling of the sport during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Rein Irving bw new 1SQAUREIrv Rein
Expert on popular culture, crisis management and place marketing


Irv Rein is a member of the MLB's commission on the future of baseball in the 21st century and professor of communication studies at Northwestern's School of Communication. He can speak about the MLB as a microcosm for the national COVID-19 pandemic.

Jorg Spenkuch coronavirus covid19 crisis management business expert2Jorg Spenkuch
Crisis management expert

(847) 467-0921

Jorg Spenkuch, associate professor of managerial economics and decision sciences at Kellogg, is an expert in strategic crisis management for businesses. He helps business leaders develop decision protocols and procedures for crises, including pandemic.


nicholas pearce coronavirus company leadership 2Nicholas Pearce
Expert on values-driven leadership

(847) 467-3468

Nicholas Pearce, clinical associate professor of management and organizations at Kellogg, studies leadership and is the author of "The Purpose Path: A Guide to Pursuing Your Authentic Life's Work." He can speak about how leaders should balance profits and values as they lead their companies through crisis.


McCareins Mark 19 0117Mark McCareins  
Expert on business law


Mark McCareins is a clinical professor of business law in the strategy department and co-director of the JD/MBA program at Kellogg. McCareins is available to speak with media on consumer contracts and care.   


Headshot of Jennifer Pendergast, expert on pandemic impact on small business Jennifer Pendergast
Family and small business expert

(847) 467-1082

Jennifer Pendergast, the John L. Ward Clinical Professor of Family Enterprise and faculty director of the Center for Family Enterprises at Kellogg, is available to discuss the long term impact of the pandemic on small and family businesses. She can also discuss best practices for small business owners.

Wang Dashun 082916SQUAREDashun Wang
Expert on organizational management

Dashun Wang is an associate professor of management and organizations at Kellogg and director of Northwestern’s Center for the Science of Science and Innovation. He can speak about recent research on the disproportionate effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on scientists with young children.


Thompson Leigh 101716Leigh Thompson 
Expert on virtual business communication


Leigh Thompson is the J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations in the Kellogg School of Management and an adjunct professor of psychology. She is available to speak on the common issues that come up with virtual communication between colleagues, peers, bosses and customers. 


Rahman HatimHatim Rahman
Expert on how AI impacts labor markets


Hatim Rahman, a Donald P. Jacobs Scholar faculty member of Management and Organizaitons at Kellogg, studies how artificial intelligence is impacting the nature of work and employment relationships in organizations and labor markets. He can discuss how employees of major technology companies will be affected as reliance on such platforms grows.


traina cristinaCristina Traina
Religious studies expert


Cristina Traina, chair of religious studies at Northwstern, is available to comment on the Catholic Church's response to COVID-19.  

Education and university response

Media advisories
Bob Rowley

Bob Rowley
Primary contact on Northwestern University's on-campus response

(847) 491-4889

Bob Rowley, assistant vice president of media relations at Northwestern University, will handle any questions about the university's response and preparations. University coronavirus statements and response plans also are available online. 


jon yates coronavirus university response2Jon Yates
Primary contact on Northwestern University's on-campus response

(847) 491-4892

Jon Yates, director of media relations at Northwestern University, will handle any questions about the university's response and preparations. University coronavirus statements and response plans also are available online. 

Jon HaasJon Haas 
Expert on remote teaching for theater and music performance


Jon Haas is an academic advisory and music theater lecturer at the School of Communication. Haas is available to speak about moving to remote teaching and learning and how remote learning is a good fit for some of the arts. 


Cindy GoldCindy Gold 
Expert on remote teaching for theater performance


Cindy Gold is a theater professor at the School of Communication. Gold is available to speak on adjustments being made to theater classes now being taught remotely and how remote learning is a good fit for some classes.