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PCR test

COVID-19 PCR tests can be freeze dried

June 10, 2021
Commercially available PCR tests can withstand the freeze-drying process, making them shelf-stable for up to 30 days and 50 degrees Celsius, without sacrificing accuracy.

Tuition, financial aid set for 2021-22 academic year

June 09, 2021
Northwestern University has set its undergraduate tuition, fees, and room and board charges for the 2021-2022 academic year. Overall, the cost for undergraduates who do not receive financial aid will increase 3.6%, while financial aid will increase by more than 8%.

FDA Alzheimer’s drug approval is a ‘triumph’

June 07, 2021
Aducanumab, the controversial new Alzheimer’s disease drug from Biogen, was just approved for clinical use by the U.S. the Food & Drug administration. The drug sticks to amyloid plaques, a characteristic of Alzheimer’s, and removes them from the brain.
* Media Advisory
chad mirkin acta biomaterialia

Chad Mirkin to receive Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal

June 04, 2021
Chad A. Mirkin will receive the 2022 Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal Award, recognizing outstanding contributions to the science and engineering of biomaterials. The award, which includes a $10,000 prize, will be presented at the Society for Biomaterials annual meeting in April 2022.
transgender study in chicago

Largest survey on trans people to launch in Chicago

June 03, 2021
The Chicago Area Trans Survey collect information from 30,000 trans individuals in Cook County on their experiences, needs and lives, which will provide trans people with data to back up requests for services and aid.
schmidt science fellow evans

Northwestern researcher Austin Evans named a 2021 Schmidt Science Fellow

June 03, 2021
Austin Evans, a Northwestern University researcher, has been named a 2021 Schmidt Science Fellow, Eric and Wendy Schmidt announced June 3. The Schmidt Fellowship supports early career scientists and engineers in interdisciplinary collaboration to advance solutions to long-term societal challenges such as climate change, infectious disease and biodiversity loss. Evans is the fourth fellow to be selected from Northwestern.
malaria world environment day

Malaria, climate expert available ahead of June 5 World Environment Day

June 03, 2021
As the emerging field of planetary health has taken off, researchers across disciplines have built new understandings of the impacts of global climate change on human health. Climate scientist Ryan Harp is available to discuss his research on the increased risk of malaria outbreaks around the world because of increasing climate variability.
* Media Advisory