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hair loss

Of balding mice and men and women

October 26, 2021
A newly discovered cause of balding in aging male mice could reveal a cause of hair loss in men and women as well, reports a study from Northwestern Medicine scientists. The findings provide new insight into how hair and tissues age.

Chemists develop a fundamentally new mode of adsorption

October 22, 2021
A research team, led by Northwestern University chemists, has made a breakthrough in surface science by introducing a new active mechanism of adsorption. Such adsorption-based phenomena, in which molecules are attracted onto a solid surface, are essential for today’s catalysts, energy storage and environmental remediation.

A new way to improve skilled movements via sleep

October 19, 2021
The ability to learn novel physical movements – similar to those taught in rehabilitation for people with stroke – can be improved by reactivating specific memories of the new task during sleep, reports a new Northwestern University study.