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Personality traits and risk of dementia

Conscientious personalities less at risk of dementia diagnosis

November 29, 2023
People with personality traits such as conscientiousness, extraversion and positive affect are less likely to be diagnosed with dementia than those with neuroticism and negative affect, according to a new analysis by researchers at Northwestern University and the University of California, Davis.
drug delivery

New platform solves key problems in targeted drug delivery

November 27, 2023
Northwestern University synthetic biologists have developed a flexible new platform that solves part of the drug delivery problem. Mimicking natural processes used by viruses, the delivery system binds to target cells and effectively transfers drugs inside.

Northwestern’s Wirtz Center announces MFA Lab Series

November 20, 2023
A slyly funny play about a family living in a world of magical realism, a delicate story about friendship, music and isolation, and a powerful tale about the coming of age of an immigrant family make up the trio of Wirtz Center's annual MFA Collaboration series in the winter and spring of 2024. The MFA Lab series brings together Northwestern’s second year MFA theater directors with Northwestern MFA designers, creating collaborations that represent the future of theater.