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Beth Redbird: Faculty Experts

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Beth Redbird

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Assistant Professor of Sociology


Areas of Focus

  • Social change caused by COVID-19
  • Public opinions and attitudes
  • Nature of work and jobs
  • Family financial well-being
  • Native American inequality


  • Directs the COVID-19 Social Change Survey, a nationally representative survey that tracks weekly changes in social, cultural, political, public opinion and public health behavior as a result of the pandemic
  • Studies the relationship between Native American tribes and the state, focusing on how closed economic and governmental systems impact the financial and social well-being of the tribe and tribe members
  • Investigates the impact of occupational licensing systems on inequality, finding formal licensure actually increases access for minorities by eliminating informal barriers that tend to encourage discrimination and homogeneity
  • Leads a national survey of how micro-interactions, such as brief exchanges with strangers, differ across demographic groups and how those differences impact inequality and worldviews