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Quantifying the power of bipartisan coalitions

May 31, 2023
Despite arguments that Congress is dominated by partisan interests, a new Northwestern study finds that legislators who draw in cosponsors from both sides of the aisle are more effective lawmakers.

New study highlights importance of democratic norms and learning about the other party

May 30, 2023
For the past few years, American democracy has been perceived as backsliding. A new Northwestern-led study, however, suggests that the full picture may not be as dire as it seems — but highlights the importance of democratic norms and learning about other party’s beliefs. Specifically, the research suggests that when state legislators learn that the views of voters from the other party are less extreme than they anticipated, they are less likely to endorse antidemocratic actions.

Experts can comment on Sackett v. EPA

May 25, 2023
Experts are available to comment on Sackett v. EPA, a U.S. Supreme Court decision which means that the EPA will no longer be able to regulate many wetlands under the Clean Water Act, potentially leading to lower water quality and more unconstrained development.
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