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viral suppression hiv

High-risk sexual minority men living with HIV need a new path forward

February 1, 2023
“Our primary success was in identifying Black and Latinx sexual minority men living with HIV who were not in treatment — despite being aware of their positive HIV status — and engaging them in care,” said Jagadīśa-devaśrī Dācus, co-author, assistant research professor and associate director of the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing (ISGMH) at Northwestern University.

Racial discrimination in hiring remains a persistent problem

January 31, 2023
Decades after hiring discrimination was made illegal in many Western countries, experts predicted it would gradually disappear. But according to a major new meta-analysis from Northwestern University, discrimination in hiring has remained a persistent problem. In fact, with few exceptions, rates of hiring discrimination have changed little since the 1990s.
Four exoplanets orbiting around star HR8799

Watch distant worlds dance around their sun

January 30, 2023
Using observations collected over the past 12 years, a Northwestern University astrophysicist assembled a time lapse video of four exoplanets orbiting around star HR8799.
Police body-cam footage

Experts caution against watching police body-cam footage

January 27, 2023
Northwestern University experts in psychiatry and pediatrics caution people against watching the police body-cam footage released today of the October, 2022, attack on Paul Pelosi in his San Francisco home and the yet-to-be-released footage of Tyre Nichols’ attack in Memphis from earlier this month.
* Media Advisory
Projected images of the galaxy, a human heartbeat and a young woman

Exhibition searches for meaning at the limits of science and perception

January 27, 2023
Robleto served as an artist-at-large at the McCormick School of Engineering. This unique program partnership between The Block Museum and McCormick gave the artist an open “hall pass” to learn from, collaborate with and question scientists, engineers and experts from across the University. The five-year residency concludes with the exhibition “The Heart’s Knowledge: Science and Empathy in the Art of Dario Robleto.”
Amazon's RxPass

Will Amazon’s new RxPass be able to flag potential drug interactions?

January 25, 2023
Amazon Pharmacy on Tuesday announced RxPass, its $5 monthly prescription medication subscription for Amazon Prime members. Northwestern Medicine licensed pharmacist Dr. Minoli Perera is available to discuss with media some pros of the new subscription service, such as affordability and access, and some cons, such as not being able to flag potential drug interactions.