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Monkeypox is ‘not an STD in the classic sense’

June 14, 2022
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is encouraging people to take extra precautions as monkeypox has been detected in over 1,000 people across 29 countries. Major LGBTQ organizations are warning their communities of a greater risk for exposure because of increased numbers of large gatherings during LGBTQ Pride month.
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L483 binary star

Wandering star disrupts stellar nursery

June 13, 2022
New study finds star-forming cloud’s magnetic field is curiously twisted. Researchers believe a newborn star moved into another young star’s stellar envelope to form a binary star system. The interloper shifted the cloud’s dynamics, twisting its magnetic field
transgender studies

New journal a place to publish about the material realities of trans life

June 13, 2022
The Bulletin of Applied Transgender Studies (BATS), the first journal with an entirely trans editorial board, published its first open-access double issue today (June 13). The board’s members cover seven countries, from four continents and range from Harvard University professors to members of community nonprofits.

Creating a one-stop shop for HIV research

June 9, 2022
A new publicly accessible special issue of the Journal of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (JAIDS) — a premier HIV/AIDS research journal — reports new findings on how to end the HIV epidemic in the U.S.
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‘There is no doubt that the hearings will scandalize the nation,’ expert says

June 7, 2022
The January 6 House committee will hold its first public hearings on Thursday, June 9 and Monday, June 13, with additional sessions to be announced. The committee has interviewed more than 1,000 individuals to date to uncover the details and sources of the conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election of President Joe Biden. Northwestern University political science and U.S. history experts lay out what the public can expect from the hearings and what is at stake.
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Summit of the Americas is marked by exclusion, researcher says

June 7, 2022
Ely Orrego-Torres, a doctoral candidate at Northwestern University with a focus on Latin America, is attending Summit of the Americas this week in Los Angeles and is available to speak with media about how it unfolds.
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