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Your first COVID-19 vaccination ‘hurts’ subsequent boosters

February 20, 2023
A new study shows the antibodies generated by prior COVID-19 vaccinations or infections can actually “hurt" subsequent the booster shots. That’s because these antibodies rapidly "mop up" the booster from the body, before it has a chance to stimulate the cells from the immune system.

Tensions increase in East Palestine, Ohio, over train derailment, safety concerns

February 20, 2023
Northwestern University anthropologist Sera Young says it “almost doesn’t matter if it’s true or not” whether materials were leaked in the latest train derailment, because U.S. communities are so steeped in mistrust for their water — which Young says can be a proxy for mistrust in their government — that it will continue to dictate behaviors.
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‘A year of miscalculations and the West’s debt to Ukraine’

February 17, 2023
Professor Gans-Morse and other Northwestern experts are available to speak with media about the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and discuss topics including defending state sovereignty, shifting global alliances and the human toll of war.
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Media Advisory

New poll reveals common ground on key issues among Black and Latino Voters in Chicago mayoral race 

February 14, 2023
With less than two weeks left until Election Day, the Center for the Study of Diversity and Democracy (CSDD) at Northwestern University and a coalition of Black and Latino nonprofits released a nonpartisan poll showing common ground among Black and Latino voters in the Chicago mayoral race. Results from the survey showcase the need for candidates to address safety, cost of living and jobs, among other priority issues for Chicagoans.
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