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Understanding how soil traps carbon

February 5, 2024
In a new study, Northwestern University researchers determined the factors that could cause carbon to be trapped in soil rather than released into the atmosphere.
Dr. Jaehyuk Choi

Using cancer’s strength to fight against it

February 5, 2024
The Choi and Roybal labs have jointly engineered a novel therapy for solid tumors. It borrows a superpower from T cell cancers to make T cell therapies strong enough to fight skin, lung and stomach cancers.
Black Lives Matter

How did parents talk to their children about Black Lives Matter?

February 5, 2024
A new study led by psychology researchers at Northwestern University found 84% of Black parents and 76% of white parents had spoken to their 8– to 11-year-old-children about the Black Lives Matter movement within the year following the 2020 murder of George Floyd.
skin tones

Racial bias exists in photo-based medical diagnosis despite AI help

February 5, 2024
As is in many fields, medical professionals are still figuring out whether artificial intelligence will help or hinder their work. Experts also are exploring how biases within society make their way into human-created machines. A new Northwestern University study finds that physician-machine partnerships boost diagnostic accuracy in dermatology, but accuracy disparities across skin color persist.
phage therapy

Engineering viruses to kill deadly pathogens

January 31, 2024
In the new study, Northwestern researchers modified DNA from a bacteriophage or “phage,” a type of virus that infects and replicates inside of bacteria. Then, the research team put the DNA inside a deadly bacterium that is also highly resistant to antibiotics. Once inside the bacterium, the DNA bypassed the pathogen’s defense mechanisms to assemble into virions, which sliced through the bacterium’s cell to kill it.
u.s supreme court

Has Citizens United decision undermined democracy?

January 30, 2024
Open to the public, the Minow Debate, “Has Citizens United Undermined Democracy?” will be presented in person and streamed live at 5 p.m. Feb. 21 in the Law School’s Thorne Auditorium.
Lake Superior

Great Lakes project selected to receive up to $160 million from NSF

January 29, 2024
The Great Lakes Water Innovation Engine (or ReNEW), for which Northwestern University serves as a core partner, will receive $15 million for two years and up to $160 million over 10 years. The program is one of 10 inaugural NSF Regional Innovation Engines.
Drummer Makaya McCraven, harpist Brandee Younger and other guests performing live on stage.

Northwestern course to explore jazz and new Black music in Chicago

January 26, 2024
An innovative Northwestern University class on Black music in Chicago will culminate in a student-produced concert and pre-show panel featuring renowned jazz musicians with deep connections to Chicago. “New Black Music (Jazz) in Chicago” will take place Monday, March 4 from 4 to 7:30 p.m. at Galvin Hall, 70 Arts Circle Drive.