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Banning drag performances won’t help youth mental health crisis

March 7, 2023
As South Carolina, Texas and Arizona have already introduced or moved forward on passing anti-drag legislation, in part due to Tennessee’s new bills, experts at Northwestern University worry this marks the beginning of rolling back growing protections for trans people in the U.S.
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LGBTQ allies

Some ‘allies’ don’t want gay neighbors

March 6, 2023
When legal systems choose to offer no protections to sexual minorities, even avid LGBTQ supporters would reject their gay neighbors, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study.
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‘A diplomat, a pro-democracy crusader, and an anti-poverty home builder’

March 3, 2023
“The post-presidency of Jimmy Carter is unique in many ways. Largely unwritten are accounts of the cutting-edge programs created at the Carter Center,” said Richard Joseph, political science professor emeritus at Northwestern University. Professors from history, journalism and political science offer political, historical and personal assessment of Jimmy Carter.
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Experts available on ChatGPT and AI language models

March 3, 2023
Northwestern University experts are available to discuss the ethical and technical impact of OpenAI's ChatGPT and other large language models on fields from journalism to education.
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false claims

Survey: Half of Americans uncertain about ability to identify false political claims

February 28, 2023
Only 8% of nearly 25,000 Americans correctly identified all false political claims presented to them as part of a recent national survey. The study, “Health and Political Misperceptions in the U.S.,” was conducted by the COVID States Project, a multi-university research collaborative that includes Northwestern, Harvard, Northeastern and Rutgers universities.

Social deficits and seizures in autism type tied to overexcited brain circuits

February 28, 2023
Scientists have identified the cause of a genetic subtype of autism and schizophrenia that results in social deficits and seizures in mice and humans. A key feature of this subtype is a duplicated gene that results in overactive or overexcited brain circuits. The subtype is called 16p11.2 duplication syndrome.

Let’s dance! Students dance non-stop for 30 hours to help babies get home from the hospital

February 27, 2023
Northwestern University Dance Marathon (NUDM), one of the largest student-run philanthropic efforts in the United States, is back under the tent starting at 7 p.m., Friday, March 3, and continuing until 1 a.m., Sunday, March 5. The marathon is the culmination of a yearlong fundraising effort to support Little Heroes League, a Chicago area non-profit organization that helps children with medical complexities and their families receive care coordination as they depart the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and continue their recovery at home.