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Northwestern rocket to image supernova remnant

August 11, 2022
On Aug. 21, a NASA-funded team will launch its “Micro-X” rocket from White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico. The rocket will spend 15 minutes in space — just enough time to snap a quick image of supernova remnant Cassiopeia A, a star in the Cassiopeia constellation that exploded approximately 11,000 light-years away from Earth.
control of complex networks

Failures in large networks can be prevented with local focus

August 8, 2022
Northwestern University researchers have discovered a ubiquitous property of a complex network and developed a novel computational method that is the first to systematically exploit that property to control the whole network using only local information.
emergency department dementia

Improving emergency care for people living with dementia

August 8, 2022
A new collection of research papers from Northwestern University and collaborating institutions sets out priority areas to provide better emergency care for people living with dementia in the United States.
Simulation of a star-forming region, where massive stars destroy their parent cloud: Credit: STARFORGE

Stars determine their own masses

August 8, 2022
Using STARFORGE simulations, astrophysicists discovered that star formation is a self-regulatory process. In other words, stars themselves set their own masses.