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Chicago universities are part of $170 million NIH Nutrition for Precision Health study

January 26, 2022
Northwestern Medicine is part of a mega National Institutes of Health (NIH) $170 million program that is the first comprehensive study to investigate precision nutrition. The goal of “Nutrition for Precision Health,” powered by the All of Us Research Program, will be to develop algorithms to predict individual responses to food and dietary routines.
N95 masks

Surveys reveal new insights on masks, at-home test kits and misinformation

January 21, 2022
As the Biden administration moves to contain the latest ravaging wave of COVID-19 by providing Americans with 1 billion COVID-19 self-test kits and 400 million N95 masks for free, new survey data reveal how many are wearing masks, including which types, and how at-home COVID tests are likely leading to undercounts of those contracting the virus.

Former U.S. diplomat urges transatlantic unity ahead of Blinken's meeting with Lavrov

January 20, 2022
Ian Kelly, former U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and ambassador-in-residence at Northwestern University, is available to speak with media ahead of Anthony Blinken’s meeting in Geneva on Friday with Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov as tensions grow over Ukraine.
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U.S. airlines fear of 5G, explained

January 18, 2022
Randall Berry, a professor of electrical engineering at Northwestern University and an expert on wireless spectrum policy, said that there are some solutions that could assuage the fears of U.S. airlines around the deployment of 5G networks.
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