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Panel discussion on Title IX and sports

Playing basketball at the dawn of Title IX

October 15, 2019
Journalist Melissa Isaacson discussed her book on Title IX and sports at Medill on Oct. 11, with former basketball player Connie Erickson Brown and the First Lady of the City of Chicago, Amy Eshleman.
Craving junk food after a sleepless night

Craving junk food after a sleepless night?

October 8, 2019
A new Northwestern Medicine study has figured out why you crave more calorie-dense, high-fat foods after a sleepless night. Blame it on your nose, which is affected in two ways by sleep deprivation.
Computer code

Predicting terror activity before it happens

October 7, 2019
Data scientists have developed an early-warning model that can successfully predict how lethal a terror organization will become in the future based on only its first 10 attacks.