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Amy J. Hauenstein: Faculty Experts

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Amy J. Hauenstein

School of Communication

Director of Curriculum and Non-Degree Programs for the MSC program and Adjunct Faculty


Areas of Focus

  • Curriculum studies – the broadest views of curriculum, including content and organization of school, the social context in which school is situated, as well as the process of education both in and out of school
  • Intersectionality and education
  • Anti-racist feminism advocacy
  • White allyship
  • Pedagogy and andragogy
  • Formal and informal curriculum design, development, and assessment
  • Higher education
  • Executive education and professional graduate degree programs


  • How the cumulative nature of an educational experience affects identity construction with a focus on underserved, underrepresented populations
  • The impact of racism, classism and neoliberalism, ableism, and patriarchy within the institution of education, and more specifically, their influences on (multiple) identity construction of students, staff, and faculty
  • Dynamics of developing and implementing interdisciplinary thematic curriculum
  • Design and testing of mediated communities of practice


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