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Experts available on Israel-Hamas war

Several faculty are available to discuss the complex history and broad impact of the Israeli-Hamas conflict in the Middle East.

Connect with them directly using the contact information below, or reach out to media relations for assistance.

Interview experts on the Middle East conflict


Ibrahim N. Abusharif

Associate professor in Residence in the Journalism and Strategic Communication Program at Northwestern University in Qatar

  • Why Israeli narratives overpower Palestinian voices in Western discourse
  • Islamic discourses and polemics online
  • Religious authority in the digital age, with emphasis on contemporary Islam

Danielle Gilbert

Assistant Professor of Political Science

  • Causes and consequences of hostage taking in international security
  • How and why rebels kidnap
  • Hostage diplomacy and state-led hostage taking
  • Organizational dynamics of armed groups

Ian Hurd

Professor of Political Science

  • International relations, organizations and theory
  • Politics of legitimacy and how it is created, used, and contested in international relations

Ian Kelly

Ambassador in Residence, International Studies and Slavic Languages and Literature

  • Global diplomatic strategy for solving the decades-long conflict

Prior to joining Northwestern's faculty as ambassador in residence, Ian Kelly was U.S. ambassador to Georgia, ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, State Department spokesperson, and director of the Office of Russian Affairs in Washington, D.C. In these roles, Amb. Kelly often dealt with the diplomacy of the conflict, meeting frequently with President Barack Obama's Middle East envoys.


Jessica Winegar

Professor of Anthropology and Middle East and North African Studies

  • Middle East residents’ views of the conflict
  • U.S. media bias in covering the events
  • Activism in support of Palestinian rights in the U.S.