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Four trans experts you should talk to

This Trans Day of Visibility, include transgender voices in reporting

Trans Day of Visibility is March 31, marking a day to celebrate the accomplishments of the transgender and non-binary community and raise awareness of discrimination faced by trans people worldwide.

With political attacks on trans rights moving through various state legislatures and international governing bodies — including bans on gender-affirming care for minors and limitations on involvement in sports — accurate reporting on gender nonconforming individuals is critically important.

Experts from Northwestern can discuss a variety of topics in the headlines and beyond. Connect with them directly using the contact information below or reach out to media relations for assistance.


Interview the experts on trans rights

Marquis Bey (they/them, or any pronoun)

Critical gender/race theory

Assistant Professor of African American Studies, Director of Graduate Studies for Gender and Sexuality Studies

Bey’s research focuses on Blackness and fugitivity, transness and Black feminist theory. Bey has published a monograph, “Black Trans Feminism,” which attempts to theorize the convergence of blackness, transness and Black feminism via the Black Radical Tradition, critical theory, and contemporary literature. They can speak on topics including Black feminism; transgender life; nonnormative genders; race and gender in popular culture; critical gender/race theory; and politics.

TJ Billard (they/them)

Media and transgender politics

Assistant Professor in Communication Studies and Sociology (by courtesy)

Billard’s research focuses on the relationship between media and transgender politics in the United States and United Kingdom. Their past research has focused on transgender media visibility, the relationship between mass media and the transgender rights movement, and the role of digital media in transgender activism. Their current research focuses on the weaponization of disinformation to oppose transgender rights, particularly the rights of trans youth. Billard is the author of “Voices for Transgender Equality: Making Change in the Networked Public Sphere,” forthcoming from Oxford University Press. They are also the executive director of the Center for Applied Transgender Studies and editor-in-chief of the Bulletin of Applied Transgender Studies.

Eli Kean (they/them)

Gender-affirming education

Assistant Professor of Instruction, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Kean earned their Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction & Teacher Education from Michigan State University. Kean's interdisciplinary interests include anti-oppressive education, gender studies, and curriculum theory. Their primary goal as an academic is to help shape gendered educational practices in expansive and affirming directions. Kean’s most recent publication, “Advancing a Critical Trans Framework for Education”, is informed by critical trans politics and critical race theory and provides educators with a theoretical framework that centers transgender oppression. They can speak on topics including critical trans theory; issues of gender in education; college DEI efforts; curricular policies and practices; and supporting LGBTQ+ college students.

alithia zamantakis (she/her)

Gender-affirming care and legislation

Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing

zamantakis is a writer, sociologist, trans health and implementation scientist, and organizer. She is associate chair for the division of sexual behavior, politics and communities of the Society for the Study for Social Problems and co-chair of the Supporting Trans, Nonbinary and Intersex Scholars committee of the Sociologists for Trans Justice. zamantakis can cover topics including bans on gender-affirming care, anti-“drag” legislation, trans women and sports, and physical violence against trans women.