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AI expert available on White House’s ‘Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights’

‘Now that we have an outline of what to do, we need to figure out how to do it,’ expert says

The White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy yesterday unveiled a blueprint for an “AI Bill of Rights,” a set of recommendations to help rein in AI-based technologies.

Northwestern University’s Kristian Hammond, an artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer and entrepreneur, is available for comment. In his own research, Hammond develops machines with human capabilities and explores ways to integrate AI into all aspects of life. He can discuss the basics of AI and how it relates to jobs, law, education and journalism. He also can address ethical questions surrounding AI and strategies for making it safer and more equitable.

Hammond is the Bill and Cathy Osborn Professor of Computer Science at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering and director of the Master of Science in AI program. Earlier this year, Hammond and collaborators launched the Center for Advancing Safety of Machine Intelligence (CASMI), a research hub cooperatively led by Northwestern and UL Research Institutes that seeks to better incorporate safety and equity into AI-based technologies.

In Jan. 2010, Hammond co-founded Narrative Science, a startup that uses AI and journalism to turn information from raw data into natural, narrative language.

Hammond can be reached directly at

Quote from Professor Hammond:

“The White House’s Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights is a powerful first step. It establishes our right to be safe in the digital world. It is important to see that it is a first step. Now that we have an outline of WHAT we need to do, we need to figure out HOW to do it. The challenge of the future is how to operationalize the development of AI systems that are both beneficial and safe.”