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One-stop shopping for journalists on deadline

Northwestern’s media tools include experts database, broadcast studios, multimedia downloads and more

Northwestern University has launched a new digital platform that serves as a one-stop shop when you’re working on deadline. The For Journalists website provides all the tools you need to tell a story, whether you are looking for information about Northwestern research or programs or need a faculty expert to provide perspective for your story.

From engineering and medicine, to politics and the arts, we have thousands of world-class experts available, and we will work with you to identify who is the best fit for your story.

Innovative tools on the site include:

  • Faculty Experts Hub – Browse our database for experts for stories you’re writing or check out the list of topics we are keeping our eyes on. To save you time in reporting, our Media Relations staff proactively identifies experts who can speak knowledgeably on the biggest news of the day, from impeachment proceedings to health risks and regulations around vaping, and everything in between. Check out the Hub, or follow @NUSources on Twitter to find experts available to comment on the day’s trending news topics. 
  • TV and radio studios – Our professional television and radio studios are available for interviews with Northwestern faculty and administrators and offer high-quality connections for live broadcasting. Our radio studio is equipped with an ISDN line, and we can accommodate most broadcast connections through The Switch. Thanks to our convenient Evanston location, we can act quickly on breaking news requests for interviews with faculty. Add our booking information to your contact sheets: email or call 847-491-5001.
  • Downloadable multimedia – Tired of searching the web or waiting on sources to provide photo permissions or links to journal articles? Find all the resources and visuals you need to bring your story to life in our online story kits. We package our news releases, contact information, research paper PDFs and any multimedia associated with the story in one convenient location. Find b-roll, produced videos, photos and more for stories like this one, about an artificial intelligence model that predicts breast cancer in mammography scans more accurately than radiologists.

The For Journalists website aims to streamline your reporting process by removing the intermediary and letting you find what you need online quickly, and our Media Relations staff is always here to help. Just email or call 847-491-5001 for general questions, or check out our Media Relations staff page for contacts on specific subjects.

You also can sign up to receive news releases about Northwestern’s latest research, programs and events, and find a University fact sheet, plus campus photos and b-roll for your reporting, in our online University Press Kit.

Feedback? Please share!

If you see something on the website that you think we could do better, or if you just want to share your feedback, we would love to hear it. Just email us at