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Northwestern University experts available to speak on Apple’s latest unveiling, big tech and antitrust

Apple’s level of innovation is incremental, professor says

Later today, Apple will hold its annual fall event where it likely will announce its latest round of new products and services, including the iPhone 11. An expert from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management is available to speak with reporters about Apple’s downward trajectory as a cutting-edge tech company.

The unveiling comes as big tech companies continue to face increased scrutiny from antitrust regulators. An expert also is available to speak about the antitrust landscape for Big Tech companies.

Mohan Sawhney is a professor at Kellogg whose expertise include business innovation, digital marketing and enterprise analytics. Sawhney authored a recent op-ed on Apple’s new releases. He can be reached by contacting Molly Lynch at 773-505-9719 or

Mark McCareins is a clinical professor of business law in the strategy department at Kellogg, where he teaches courses on antitrust and competition, business law, and non-profit governance and organization. McCareins is also co-director of the JD/MBA program at Kellogg. He can be reached by contacting Molly Lynch at 773-505-9719 or

Quote from Professor Sawhney:

“Apple moves from offense to defense in its anticipated launch today. The incremental level of innovation in the iPhone 11 lineup is a sign of a broader problem for Apple. Not only is Apple running out of innovative ideas for the iPhone, but the whole smartphone category has matured to the point that innovation and sales may have peaked.” 

Quote from Professor McCareins:

“Simply because a firm becomes large and has innovated better than its competition does not in and of itself lead to the conclusion that an antitrust violation has occurred.”

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