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schmidt eyes

Eyes send an unexpected signal to the brain

April 30, 2020
For decades researchers have believed the eye only sends excitatory signals to the brain. New research shows a subset of retinal neurons send inhibitory signals to the brain.
Don’t rush unproven novel COVID-19 therapies

'Don’t rush unproven novel COVID-19 therapies'

April 29, 2020
As hospitals mobilize to treat COVID-19 patients, some clinicians are using novel therapies in lieu of evidence-based interventions. A pulmonologist cautions this is not a time to abandon reason.
* Media Advisory
social distancing

‘Caution fatigue’ could dent our efforts to stay safe

April 28, 2020
As people enter what feels like the umpteenth week of social distancing and isolation with no end in sight, they may find it more difficult to stay on high-risk alert as “caution fatigue” sets in.
* Media Advisory

Webinar: How COVID-19 is disrupting marginalized communities worldwide

April 27, 2020
Government restrictions on movement and economic activities in response to COVID-19 have disrupted many small businesses, especially those of already vulnerable populations, like the displaced Syrian and Iraqi communities in Lebanon and neighboring countries.
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