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Coronavirus experts available: Browse Northwestern University scholars who can address the medical, public health, business and economic impacts of COVID-19.

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Safely disinfect your home

Expert tips on how to disinfect your home

March 18, 2020
Erica Hartmann, expert on how microbial communities respond to human-made chemicals, can discuss how to smartly and safely disinfect your home and what areas to target.
* Media Advisory
social isolation and guns coronavirus

Social isolation and guns are not a good mix

March 17, 2020
News outlets are reporting sharp increases in gun purchases amid the coronavirus outbreak. Sociologist Maryann Mason can speak about the dangers of gun ownership when combined with social isolation.
media advisory

Teaching in the time of COVID-19

March 16, 2020
Social distancing has made classroom education a challenge, and perhaps even more so for programs in theater and music performance. Northwestern University faculty are employing technology to bridge the physical divide and deliver instruction and performance feedback online.
* Media Advisory