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Coronavirus experts available: Browse Northwestern University scholars who can address the medical, public health, business and economic impacts of COVID-19.

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blunting the impact of covid 19 webinar

Blunting the impact of COVID-19 in March 24 webinar

March 23, 2020
Northwestern Medicine infectious disease expert Dr. Robert Murphy will address how to most effectively blunt the potential impact of COVID-19 in an hourlong webinar Tuesday, March 24.
* Media Advisory
coronavirus virtual doctor visits could spike antibiotic overprescription

COVID-19 and antibiotics

March 23, 2020
As doctors and patients increasingly rely on virtual doctor visits to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus, a Northwestern Medicine primary care physician can speak about the potential increase in antibiotic over-prescription that could result from these visits.
* Media Advisory
Image of a new drug target for COVID-19, a complex protein called nsp10/16.

New drug target found for COVID-19

March 19, 2020
A new potential drug target has been identified in SARS CoV-2 -- the virus that causes COVID-19 -- by scientists who say multiple drugs will likely be needed to respond to the pandemic.