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Stephanie Boron: Faculty Experts

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Stephanie Boron

School of Communication

Assistant Clinical Professor
Neurodiversity-Affirming Speech and Language Pathologist


Areas of Focus

  • Disability rights and advocacy
  • Accessibility advocacy
  • Neurodiversity-affirming evaluation and treatment


With a focus on creating safe and inclusive spaces, Boron specializes in neurodiversity-affirming, child-led evaluation and treatment, with a special interest in gestalt language processing (i.e., communication through scripting/echolalia).

Beyond her academic role, she is the co-founder of Be Me Speech, a Chicago area company providing neurodiversity training and coaching to schools, clinics and caretakers. Her own neurodivergent identity impacts her advocacy work. She’s passionate about creating space for others to listen to and learn from neurodivergent perspectives on her Instagram account, @BeMeSpeech. She's a strong believer that disability rights are human rights, and she actively mentors the next generation of clinicians to empower their clients and advocate for change in their communities.