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Dr. Jian-Jun Wei: Faculty Experts

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Dr. Jian-Jun Wei

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Professor of Pathology
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Floyd Elroy Patterson Research Professor


Areas of Focus

  • Gynecologic cancer 
  • Reproductive science


  • Histological and genetic interpretation of human cancer
  • Discovering and developing translational research tools to enhance the early detection of and establish molecular targets for neoplasia in the female reproductive system
  • Developed translational research in uterine smooth muscle tumors and ovarian cancer


As a physician scientist trained in gynecological pathology, Wei has fundamental knowledge and experience in handling and processing human cancer related biospecimens. A principal investigator supported by the NIH and other funding mechanisms, he participated in several national clinical trial groups, including NRG/GOG, ECOG and NCTN, in which he was nominated as principal investigator and committee member. 

Wei was the director of the Pathology Core Facility (PCF) at the Northwestern Lurie Cancer Center (LCC), overseeing compliance with NIH, CAP and other institutional guidelines, assisting research programs with experimental designs, routine quality assurance assessments, and training of the PCF staff. He is also the biospecimen core director of the Northwestern University Cancer Health Equity Research SPORE.

Wei was trained in professor Dr. Bernardino Ghetti’s lab at Indiana University, focusing on the genetic analysis of human diseases, where he became a strong advocate of research in molecular genetics. After completing his fellowship in gynecologic pathology, he chose to pursue research in diseases of gynecologic neoplasia.