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Jeffrey Lopez: Faculty Experts

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Jeffrey Lopez

McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering


Areas of Focus

  • Design of new materials for energy-storage applications
  • Integration of batteries into future energy systems
  • Electric vehicles
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Materials design and development
  • Laboratory automation


  • Understanding electrolyte electrolyte interactions
  • Sustainable battery manufacturing
  • Accelerated materials design and development


Jeffrey has received multiple awards for his research including the ACS Henkel Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Science and Engineering in 2020, the 2019 Metrohm Young Chemist Award, the ACS Eastman Chemical Student Award in Applied Polymer Science in 2018, and the AIChE Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Award 1st Prize in 2016. Jeffrey has worked with various programs to promote improved access to higher education among students from underrepresented minority groups.