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Dr. Victoria Anne Brander: Faculty Experts

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Dr. Victoria Anne Brander

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Areas of Focus

  • Nonsurgical care of bone and joint pain, including regenerative medicine techniques
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Maximizing the outcome of hip and knee replacement surgery
  • Evaluation and management of painful knee and hip replacement
  • Interventional pain management, including epidural steroid injections
  • Appropriate use of pre- and post hospitalization "levels of care" in orthopedics (e.g. skilled nursing, rehabilitation, home care, outpatient therapies, etc...)
  • Global Health Medicine
  • Hospital management & response in disaster situations


  • Brander is a practicing physician whose clinical work revolves around outpatient pain management and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, with a focus on bone and joint disorders.
  • She focuses on a comprehensive approach to care, which starts with ensuring an accurate diagnosis,  then providing the patient a customized treatment program that could include the spectrum of treatments, including medications, injections, exercise or physical therapy, orthotics, nutritional, alternative therapies and surgical guidance
  • Brander has academic and clinical expertise in joint replacement rehabilitation and use of pre- and post-acute medical services (including home health care, subacute or acute rehabilitation, etc...) 
  • She has extensive clinical and academic experience in nonsurgical treatments for osteoarthritis (especially hip, knee and shoulder), including exercise, diet, injectables, regenerative medicine techniques and more.
  • Brander also studies and treats Ehlers Danlos Syndrome


  • Brander founded and directs Operation Walk Chicago, a medical humanitarian nonprofit 501c3 that partners with health care systems in developing countries to establish arthritis and joint replacement programs for the poor. By addressing and reversing arthritis-related disability, the organization aims to improve the socio-economic health of the community. Over the past 15+ years, they have partnered with healthcare systems around the world, including partnerships in Brazil, Vietnam, Nepal and Manilla. 
  • Through Operation Walk Chicago, Brander has on-site experience in serving in disasters, having organized relief during disasters including terrorist bombings in Mumbai, a tsunami in Danang ,Vietnam and most extensively, earthquakes in Nepal. Brander also assisted Chicago's New Roseland Community Hospital with organizing and expending their COVID-19 first responder and community testing program during the COVID-19 pandemic.