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Renee Engeln: Faculty Experts

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Renee Engeln

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Professor of Instruction


Areas of Focus

  • Body image 
  • The psychology of beauty 
  • Eating disorders 
  • Representations of women in media 
  • Objectification of women 


  • Issues surrounding women’s body images, with a particular emphasis on cultural forces that make it hard for women to appreciate their bodies 
  • Negative psychological outcomes of focusing on girls' and women's appearance 
  • Body focus and eating disordered behaviors in specific, relevant contexts (e.g., sorority rush) and among different social groups (e.g., members of dance groups, roller derby skaters, gay men and lesbian women) 
  • Frequency, content, and impact of the types of social exchanges in which women engage in mutual body disparagement or "fat talk" 
  • How and why women "talk back" to the images they see in the media and whether this type of critical processing is related to lower levels of body image disturbance