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Paul J. CaraDonna: Faculty Experts

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Paul J. CaraDonna

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Associate Professor of Instruction, Program in Plant Biology and Conservation


Areas of Focus

  • Pollination ecology
  • Plant-pollinator interactions
  • Community ecology
  • Phenology
  • Ecology of climate change
  • Ecology of native bees
  • Ecological networks


  • Understand the structure and function of ecological communities and species interactions, mostly focusing on plants and pollinators 
  • Understand how various ecological factors influence plant and animal populations, their interactions and their community structure from a basic ecological perspective and under various anthropogenic disturbance scenarios (e.g., climate change, urbanization, habitat destruction) 
  • Understand the consequences of declining pollinator populations for native plants 
  • Understand the flexibility of plant-pollinator interaction networks in response to various stresses 
  • Understand which native bees are able to survive and reproduce in urban environments compared to less urban areas 
  • Understand how climate change influences the timing of important biological events (phenology) and understand the consequences of changes in the timing of biological events