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James Speta: Faculty Experts

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James Speta

Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

Elizabeth Froehling Horner Professor of Law
Associate Dean for International Initiatives


Areas of Focus

  • Telecommunications and internet policy
  • Antitrust law
  • Administrative law
  • Torts
  • Business associations
  • International legal education


  • Telecommunications, antitrust law, administrative law and internet policy, with a particular focus on carriers (ISPs, spectrum policy, carriers, and the FCC)
  • Wrote several of the early articles on net neutrality and open access to the Internet, as well as related issues of the relationship between content providers and Internet carriers
  • Antitrust law, including United States law and contrasts to competition law systems in other parts of the world, especially Europe, with a focus on antitrust in high technology and transportation industries
  • Market organization, including deregulation
  • How the transformation of ride markets and  ride-sharing services have changed the market structure of this regulated industry