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Dr. Graham McMahon: Faculty Experts

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Dr. Graham McMahon

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Adjunct Professor of Medical Education and Medicine (Endocrinology)


Areas of Focus

  • Diabetes care
  • Optimal use of technology to support education
  • Medical education, accreditation, maintenance of certification, assessment, continuing medical education (CME), continuing professional development (CPD), team-based education, healthcare leadership, adaptive learning


  • Leveraging the power of education to:
    • Drive quality and safety improvement
    • Contribute to solving population and public health issues, such as the opioid crisis
    • Include patients and teams in clinician education to improve team-based care
    • Incorporate technology such as simulation
    • Prevent clinician burnout and promote clinician well-being
  • Innovating in education, using techniques such as MicroQI, adaptive learning and personalized learning plans to integrate education into daily practice¬†
  • Advocating for healthcare leaders to invest in the continuing professional development of their human capital as a responsibility to their institution, community and the patients they serve