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Christina M. Paschyn: Faculty Experts

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Christina M. Paschyn

Northwestern University in Qatar

Assistant Professor of Journalism & Strategic Communication in Residence


Areas of Focus

  • Media, journalism and mass communication
  • Documentary film
  • Marginalized populations in the Middle East
  • Muslim ethnoreligious groups in Eastern Europe
  • The Crimean Tatars
  • Russo-Ukraine War


  • Portrayals of the Gulf's marginalized populations (women & LGBTQ people) in Middle Eastern and Western media
  • The Crimean Tatars — history and current political activism in Ukraine and Russia
  • Women's representation and symbolic annihilation in mass media
  • Ukrainian female soldiers' portrayals in Global South and Global North media


Paschyn is a multimedia journalist and award-winning documentary filmmaker. She has reported for major news organizations across the globe.

Paschyn wrote, shot and directed the documentary film “A Struggle for Home: The Crimean Tatars," which chronicles the rich and often tragic history of the Crimean Tatar people, the Muslim-Turkic indigenous population of the Crimean Peninsula, from ancient times to the aftermath of the 2014 Russian annexation of the peninsula.

She holds master's degrees in Middle Eastern studies and journalism.