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Become a Faculty Expert

Faculty Experts is a searchable database of faculty members with expertise on topics that journalists frequently cover.  To apply to become a Faculty Expert, fill out the form below. We will review your application and follow up via email. If you have any questions about the form, email us at

If you already have a Faculty Experts profile, use our update/additions form to request changes or add additional content.

Faculty members who apply to be included in the database commit to making themselves available to media in as timely a manner as possible to comment on news of the day. Guidelines for communicating with journalists and media training resources are available on our media training website.

These are your school affiliations. You may list your affiliations with centers in the title field (see next form field).
Please list your primary title first. If you have multiple titles, please put each title on its own line.

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Please keep in mind that this information will be public. Contact regarding any privacy concerns.

Please provide the url where your department bio page can be found. If you have more than one page, pick the one with the most information or that has publications.
Give three to seven areas of focus. Each area of focus should be on its own line. See the example profile for more help.
Give three to seven areas of research. If your work isn't research-focused, please provide a description of your professional work. These can be more detailed than your areas of focus. Each research or work area should be on its own line. See the example profile for more help.
This field is optional. This is a place to include any biographical information, any key publications, etc. See the example profile for more help.
In order to help journalists find your profile, please identify your field or fields.
Please identify 3 to 8 areas of focus. These will be a little more specific than your field. If you can't find your area, email us at