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Ready for launch: Let’s make this Dillo Day a safe journey

Northwestern offers safety reminders and well-being tips ahead of the annual student-run music fest
smart dillo
The Smart Dillo campaign has been running in the lead-up to Dillo Day as a reminder to concertgoers of the role and responsibility they play in creating and maintaining a safe community and enjoyable experience for everyone throughout the day.

With a dazzling lineup of headliners and local artists, this year’s Dillo Day is sure to be out of this world. And with that, the Division of Student Affairs has launched its annual Smart Dillo campaign to remind concertgoers to be safe, not starry, during the end-of-year celebration this weekend.

“Dillo Day is my favorite day of the year at Northwestern,” said Dean of Students Mona Dugo. “Of course, I worry about our students on Dillo Day, but it’s also magical watching our community dance, sing and experience joy together. Smart Dillo is a reflection of that, and it offers some practical strategies for reducing risk. I encourage our students to strike a balance between having fun and staying safe, taking care of one another and making responsible choices while celebrating on Planet Dillo.”

In advance of the event, Northwestern Now has curated a short list of key tips based on Smart Dillo’s intergalactic campaign.

You can always find water on Planet Dillo

If you choose to drink alcohol, always alternate each drink with water or other non-alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated and prevent hangovers. Water buggies and other options are available on and off campus all day.

If you plan on drinking, make sure you’ve had a meal before you start drinking so the alcohol doesn’t hit you too fast and ruin your experience. You can also grab a bite from the food trucks and take advantage of all the free food options at the festival. 

Blood alcohol concentration isn’t rocket science

Stick to your limit and don't drink out of control. Reduce risk by keeping your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) under .06. Use the online BAC Estimator to gauge your level of intoxication based on factors including weight, sex, amount consumed and how long you’ve been drinking.

Practice safer space exploration

Safer sex means protecting yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted infections. Get tested before engaging in any sexual activity and use barrier methods like condoms and dental dams. Safer sex supplies are available for free at Searle Hall. Additionally, always seek and obtain consent and, remember, partners can’t give consent if they’re incapacitated.

Keep your spaceship quiet

Respect Northwestern’s neighbors by keeping the noise down and cleaning up after yourself and others. These are two of the most common violations that trigger complaints after a party.

Don’t be afraid to contact the mothership

Are you concerned about your, or someone else’s, alcohol and drug use? Call for help, stay with the person in need until help arrives and cooperate with emergency or University personnel.

Northwestern’s Amnesty Through Responsible Action protocol is in place to support you in getting help for a friend.

For more information and the complete list of tips, visit Smart Dillo.