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What are you thankful for?

As the holiday season begins, students reflect on what — and who — means so much to them this year
students give thanks
Isobel Anthony ’23, said her fellow students at the Bienen School of Music are her greatest inspiration.

The Fall Quarter is rapidly winding down, and Thanksgiving is here. Although it’s always a good time to reflect on our many gifts, November also is National Gratitude Month.

So, Northwestern Now reached out to students and asked, “What are you thankful for this year?” The overwhelming theme is people — from friends and family to teammates and peer advisors. Here’s what they had to say. 

“I am grateful to be in a community where we celebrate each other’s successes. My fellow students at the Bienen School of Music are my greatest inspiration, and I find joy and gratitude in being able to share in their growth as musicians and human beings. A success for one of us feels like a success for all of us, and I am so proud to be a part of this vibrant community.”
– Isobel Anthony ’23, Bienen School of Music 

“I’m most grateful for my academic advisor and all the advisors from SESP. Specifically, my academic advisor has been a huge resource for me as I figured out majors, minors, classes and everything that has to do with getting through Northwestern.”
– Jacob Geil ’23, School of Education and Social Policy

“(I’m thankful) for the advising program at Northwestern. I have been able to get to know my Weinberg freshman first-quarter advisor, and she has been able to help me figure out my classes and the adjustment from high school to college.”
– Nathan Bornstein ’26, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences 

“This season, I’m grateful for my dad. We’ve been calling each other often this year, and I feel incredibly lucky to have someone in my life who supports me so fully in everything I do. Thank you, Dad, for giving me advice and always being there for me!”
– Tessa Kim ’24, School of Communication

“I really like the University Library because there are a lot of different places to work there. If you want a busier environment, so you won’t feel alone, there are certain sections for that, and there are quiet spaces, too.” 
– Abigail Rusli ’23, SESP

“I am most grateful for campus spaces like the Black House. I love having a place with an overall good vibe, where I feel safe and can be with community.”
– Asta Ceesay ’23, School of Communication

“I am thankful for my lacrosse teammates. The different personalities and strengths of each individual make the day to day much more fun.”
– Kendall Halpern ’24, SESP

“My peer-guided study groups for math and engineering classes are a super helpful way to debrief with other students in those classes. I am in two study groups, and we each meet once a week. It is led by a student who has already successfully completed the class.”
– Ellen Tomlins ’26, McCormick School of Engineering

“In regard to academic resources, the one thing I’m most thankful for is the tutoring system. There are drop-in tutors and peer-guided study groups, which is really helpful for a lot of the STEM classes I’ve been taking, like organic chemistry and physics. I’m thankful for how Northwestern organizes these programs, enabling us to meet other students who’ve taken the course before and can offer tips.”
– Benjamin Fredeen ’24, Weinberg