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The year ends with a screaming guitar

Garage band The Long Goodbye plays the Norris University Center employee banquet by popular demand

Student employees at the Norris Center knew just how they wanted to celebrate the end of the academic year. After learning that Norris Center Associate Director Dan Foley played guitar and sang for the garage rock band The Long Goodbye, they started a petition drive to convince the band to perform at the employee banquet.

“Gathering the signatures was pretty easy since Dan’s band was famous in Norris,” said graduating senior Nick Papandreou. “When we told people that we were petitioning for Dan to come in and play with his band, everyone wanted to sign it.”

Foley pitched the idea to his bandmates, and they were all in.

“Founded at Marquette University in 1997, technically the band is older than most of the students we played for at the banquet,” Foley said. “Two of the guys in the band have their own kids in college, which made the band playing for students even more entertaining to us.”

The Long Goodbye’s new album, “The Long Goodbye,” is now available for streaming on most platforms.

Video and images by Jill Norton.