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What do our objects say about us?

“Wordless Creatures” is on view through April 30 at Dittmar Gallery
"Garden of Greens" at Dittmar Gallery.

In its 2022 Community Art Show, Dittmar Memorial Gallery at Northwestern considers the relationships people have to their material belongings. “Wordless Creatures” is on view through April 30.

The group exhibition features objects contributed by 30 artists from the local community. By showcasing their treasured possessions, the artists depict their own individual identities as they also consider how material items have the power to hold people in community with one another.

Exploring the ways people’s belongings reflect their values, beliefs and interests and how they inform the way people interact with the world, “Wordless Creatures” aims to give viewers a space to contemplate the objects that shape their lives as well.

Dittmar Gallery is located inside Norris University Center at 1999 Campus Drive on the Evanston campus. Admission is free and open to the public.