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Students return with cheer: ‘I’m excited to meet new people!’

They set out to make friends and memories as the new year begins in earnest

After a year and a half apart, the Northwestern community is feeling a renewed sense of energy and excitement as the Fall Quarter begins. Familiar faces and traditions have returned. There are old routines at favorite communal spots, as well as club gatherings, art shows and athletic events.

At the same time, many new faculty, staff and students are taking their first steps on campus for what promises to be something much closer to a “normal” school year.

The newest student cohorts — the Class of 2024, the Class of 2025 and transfer students — are as smart, talented, curious, compassionate and resilient as any who have come before. And they’re excited!

During Wildcat Welcome, Northwestern Now asked students to share their good cheer. “I’m excited to meet new people,” one said. Others look forward to building connections by joining student organizations, like an improv club. “It’s my first time on campus,” another said. “And now that I’m here, it feels surreal. I’m both nervous and excited to meet new people and just get started.”

Watch our featured video above for more responses.

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