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Eating on campus? See how Northwestern Dining has changed this quarter

Enjoy your meal and stay safe with these simple steps

In the pandemic, not much in our daily routine remains unchanged. And that certainly applies to eating with friends in a Northwestern dining hall or stopping in for a quick snack at a campus cafe.

But this quarter, Northwestern Dining still offers tasty meals, healthful grab-and-go options through the Boost mobile app and plenty of distanced seating at a location near you.

Serving almost 4,000 meals each day, dining services is open for business — at 25% capacity — in Allison Hall, Foster-Walker Complex, Elder Hall and Sargent Hall, as well as in retail spots at Lisa’s Café, Fran’s Café and Norris University Center.

Take a look at the video above as Hailey Brunson, a School of Communication senior, checks in at Allison Dining Commons and walks us through the steps to a safe meal on campus.

Follow these safe dining tips

1. Make a reservation

Use the Dine on Campus app to reserve a time and spot at your favorite dining commons. Oh, and please be on time!

2. Show your green badge

When you swipe in, be ready to show your Symptom Tracker.

3. Bring your OZZI

Your reusable container is good for dining in or grabbing a meal to go.

4. Keep your distance

Follow signage throughout the facilities to be sure you maintain social distancing while you line up, enter the building and order your meal.

5. Find, but don’t move, a seat

There are plenty of spots, but please don’t move chairs around from table to table. 

6. Fork down? Mask up!

It’s OK to remove your mask while you eat, of course. But be sure to wear your mask if you’re just talking with friends, walking around or finished with your meal.

7. Return your OZZI

Turn in your container for cleaning and sanitizing, and you can pick up another one next time.

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