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'Rock Star of Research' Teresa K. Woodruff speaks at Congressional Briefing

rock star of research Teresa Woodruff
Pictured: Teresa Woodruff (left), NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health Director Dr. Janine Clayton, (center) and Director of the Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology Dr. Hadine Joffee (right).

Teresa K. Woodruff, director of Northwestern University’s Women’s Health Research Institute, on January 14 visited Washington, D.C., to speak at a Congressional briefing entitled, “Rock Stars of Research: Scientists who are shaping the future of women’s health care.” 

Speaking to an audience of more than 60 legislative staffers from both the House and Senate and representatives from health or science-related advocacy groups, Woodruff addressed the historical lack of females in biomedical research and its impact on our knowledge of health and disease as well as the continued need for sex- and gender-inclusive research and support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research on Women’s Health. 

Woodruff’s visit to the Hill set the stage for this year’s fourth annual Women's Health Research Day, titled, "Sex, Gender, and the Opioid Crisis," which the Women's Health Research Institute will host Friday, January 24, in Prentice Women's Hospital.