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Nobel laureate Daniel McFadden to deliver Leon Moses Lecture

McFadden will discuss decision-making in a data-driven world

Daniel McFadden-Moses Lecture
Daniel McFadden

For decades, transportation planners have lived in data deserts — vast expanses of information with few milestones or guides for the policy traveler.

Today, transportation information is immense and immediate — encompassing highway sensors, automated toll systems and GPS tracking of individuals and vehicles.

The data models used to process the abundance of information will be the focus of the 2019 Leon N. Moses Distinguished Lecture in Transportation. Nobel laureate Daniel McFadden will discuss the role of attention, consideration and decision-making in choice behavior and how it can be quantified and embedded in training of policy-analysis systems.

“Attend! Consider! Decide!: What planners and machines must learn to predict travel behavior” will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 12 in Lutkin Memorial Hall on the Evanston campus.

Hosted by the Northwestern University Transportation Center, the event is free and open to the public. Registration is recommended.

McFadden is the Presidential Professor of Health Economics at the University of Southern California as well as the E. Morris Cox Professor of Economics and director of the Econometrics Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley.

Along with economist James Heckman, McFadden received the 2000 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for the development of theories and methods for analyzing discrete choice.

The Leon N. Moses Distinguished Lecture in Transportation was named in honor of Professor Emeritus Leon N. Moses for his significant contributions to the field of transportation economics and regional science and for his long and dedicated service to the Northwestern University Transportation Center.

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