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Statement on UNC Charlotte shooting

Yesterday, a man shot and killed two people, and injured four others, on the University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus in yet another act of gun violence. Our hearts go out to the UNC-Charlotte community, as we grieve along with others in the higher education community.

The shooting serves as a tragic reminder that any campus is at risk for such violence, and it is imperative that we all be prepared for such an incident.

We urge all members of the Northwestern community to take this moment to familiarize yourselves with the University’s active shooter protocols, including the “Run, Hide, Fight” training video, which you can view on the University’s Department of Safety & Security website. 

The video is graphic and contains violent content, but we feel it is an important tool for community members to prepare for an incident we hope never occurs on our campus — an active aggressor, like the one yesterday in North Carolina.

We remind the entire Northwestern community to remain vigilant, and to remember key safety tips that can help in a moment of violence:

  • Don’t assume it will never happen.
  • Be aware of your surrounding at all times, along with any possible dangers.
  • Know where all of the exits in your area are located.
  • Determine whether the space you are in can be locked.
  • Know your exact workplace address including the office number.
  • Have an escape plan, same as in a fire.

You can find other tips, including a detailed explanation of what you should do if a shooting occurs at Northwestern, on the Department of Safety & Security website.

If you see something suspicious on campus, contact the Northwestern University Police Department emergency number at 847-491-3456 or dial 911.

In the wake of this and recent tragic events, we encourage members of the Northwestern community who need help at this time to use all available University resources, including:

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