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New series aims to tell more indigenous stories

A new lecture and writing series designed to promote and help disseminate urban indigenous storytelling will launch April 26.

The Indigenous Lecture & Writing Series (ILWS), a collaboration between Northwestern University’s Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion and the University of Illinois at Chicago, will spotlight indigenous scholars’ research and initiatives nationwide. 

Throughout the 10-month program, participants will engage with indigenous storytellers and learn about research centered around indigenous ways of teaching and knowing.

“The Indigenous Lecture & Writing Series is open to all students, staff, faculty and the community at large, as a means of increasing access for all,” said Jasmine Gurneau, manager of Native American and Indigenous Initiatives within the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion at Northwestern.

The series’ organizers will host monthly public lectures inviting indigenous scholars and storytellers to speak. Afterward, a selected cohort of 20 indigenous people will have the opportunity to reflect on the presentation and have space to use that engagement to inspire and cultivate their own writing.

Through this process, the writing cohort will develop the tools needed to create a portfolio of writing samples across multiple genres. By supporting the dissemination of their writing, the program aims to increase the visibility and the voice of this indigenous community.

More information is available on the ILWS website.