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Northwestern experts taking the lead

New digital tools aim to promote Northwestern research, expertise in news and commentary

Northwestern University faculty are increasingly driving the national conversation on policy, science and the arts. Now, it’s even easier for journalists to access the University’s experts through a pair of initiatives launched today.

Northwestern is encouraging faculty to participate in two new digital platforms designed to increase media opportunities for University experts, promote research and expertise and showcase Northwestern's thought leadership and intellectual agenda.

The new initiatives will help elevate the University’s stature as a global newsmaker at a time of intense national debate over a variety of pressing issues including law, politics, medicine, research — and the changing nature of news, itself.

Faculty Experts Hub

The Faculty Experts Hub is a new online database featuring profiles of Northwestern experts who agree to be available for interviews with media outlets on important subjects of the day. The Hub is designed to make faculty research and expertise more easily searchable for journalists working on the day's biggest news stories and on longer-term projects.

The Faculty Experts Hub is now live, featuring 75 faculty profiles, with more to be added quickly.

Faculty interested in providing expert commentary and analysis on trending topics are can become part of the Hub by filling out this form.

@NUSources on Twitter

As a complement to the Faculty Experts Hub, @NUSources is the University’s new Twitter handle aimed at amplifying expert voices, commentary and analysis on trending news topics. For example, when faculty commentary is featured in a news publication, this Twitter account will tweet links of that commentary to actively engage with journalists.

The Twitter feed also will provide fresh quotes from faculty members on the important news of the day, providing one-stop-shopping for busy journalists.

@NUSources will work to build a broad faculty and media following as Twitter has become a vital tool for connecting with journalists from traditional and new media outlets. It will serve as an important resource for reporters and editors, and help strengthen relationships between faculty and the media.

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