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Campus Kitchen will 'Raise the Dough'

Student volunteers from the Campus Kitchen at Northwestern University (CKNU) are participating in a fundraising challenge Feb. 16-23 to "Raise the Dough" in fighting hunger and food waste in Evanston.

Last year, CKNU raised $1,300 to rescue more than 14,000 pounds of food to produce 32,000 meals. This year, the group hopes to raise $1,000 to continue and expand their work on and off campus.

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CKNU's fundraising campaign is part of a national campaign by the Campus Kitchens affiliated with The Campus Kitchens Project, the leading national nonprofit empowering students to create sustainable solutions to hunger and food waste. Last year, 26 participating schools from across the nation collectively raised more than $50,000.

Food facts

The Campus Kitchens Project uses food that would otherwise be wasted as a tool to fight hunger and poverty across the nation. More than 40 million Americans face food insecurity. In the U.S., 40 percent of the food produced goes to waste, costing $218 billion annually and releasing methane, a harmful greenhouse gas that causes climate change.

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