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Northwestern, City of Evanston choose Good Neighbor Fund projects

2019 allocations will distribute a gift of $1 million from the University to the City

Support for Evanston Fire Department paramedic services, job training and library programs are among the services and projects that will be funded by this year’s $1 million donation from Northwestern University to the City of Evanston's Good Neighbor Fund, Northwestern President Morton Schapiro and Evanston Mayor Stephen Hagerty announced today.

This is the fourth year in a row that Northwestern has donated $1 million to the City’s fund. In March 2015, Northwestern agreed to contribute $1 million annually to the City for a period of five years, with proceeds to be spent on projects and services jointly agreed upon by the mayor of Evanston and Northwestern University’s president.

This year, Mayor Hagerty and President Schapiro agreed to the following allocation:

  • $250,000 to support Evanston Fire Department paramedic services
  • $135,000 to support existing job training programs
  • $150,000 towards Mayor Hagerty’s Discretionary Projects Fund
  • $100,000 for youth outreach programs; this allocation will cover the salary of two of the five existing full-time outreach workers
  • $90,000 for the “Elevate Evanston” workforce development initiative
  • $75,000 towards implementing pilot projects recommended by the Climate Action and Resilience Plan
  • $70,000 to support the full-time social worker position at the Evanston Public Library
  • $50,000 towards a new after-school tutoring initiative
  • $50,000 to develop a parks and recreation master plan
  • $30,000 to expand the Evanston Public Library’s portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Program

“Northwestern’s relationship with the City and its residents is a priority for the University, and the Good Neighbor Fund is a great example of this partnership,” President Schapiro said. “This is one of the concrete ways we can demonstrate our commitment. Our investments, specifically in the areas of youth programs and career development, will have a meaningful impact on the Evanston community for years to come.”

“Northwestern University is a great neighbor, and I thank President Schapiro, in particular, for continuing this important partnership. This $1 million financial contribution supports our community’s success by funding important projects that will help everyone who lives, works and plays in Evanston,” said Mayor Hagerty. “In addition, I appreciate Northwestern stepping forward to help the City address its recent deficit by funding in full the expenses associated with Northwestern football games and Dillo Day.”

Projects and services selected for this year’s Good Neighbor Fund allocation will be funded for the 12-month period beginning Jan. 1, 2019.