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Feinberg doc competes on Jeopardy!

Q&A, Jeopardy! style
Jeopardy! contestant
Jeopardy! contestant Samir Patel with Alex Trebeck

Category: Jeopardy! contestants

Clue: This assistant professor of anesthesiology at the Feinberg School of Medicine was a contestant on Thursday’s Jeopardy!

Answer: Who is “Samir Patel?”

Clue: To meet the show’s producers and answer test questions, Samir flew to this city.

Answer: What is “Detroit?”

Clue: To be selected for the show, Samir tried out this many times.

Answer: What is “two?”

Category: Trivia stardom

Clue: To succeed at Jeopardy!, contestants must do this.

Answer: What is “Hit the buzzer to beat out other contestants but not before Alex Trebek finishes the question?”

Clue: If you buzz too soon, this happens.

Answer: What is “You are locked out for a quarter of a second?”

Clue: To practice for the show, Samir did this.

Answer: What is “He practiced clicking a pen while watching the show?”

Category: Patel’s life

Clue: Samir became a fan of Jeopardy! at this age.

Answer: What is “11 years old”

Category: Behind the scenes

Clue: This person won the Jeopardy! episode that Samir was on.

Answer: Who is “A former Pittsburgh police detective?”

Clue: Samir describes Alex Trebek as this. 

Answer: What is “A really funny guy?”

Clue: From time to time, Alex Trebek does this while taping.

Answer: What is “Stumbles while reading a clue and has to re-shoot.”

Category: More about Samir

Clue: These are Samir’s strongest categories.

Answer: What are “History, geography, sports and literature?”

Clue: This was Samir’s favorite part about being on Jeopardy!

Answer: What is “Meeting 12 people from around the country whose lifelong dream also was to be on Jeopardy!”