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Faculty Perspectives: Public Health

By Clare Milliken

It’s an incredibly broad field — public health — spanning disease, diet, exercise, relationships and more. Public health researchers at Northwestern study the way we live today in order to find ways that we can live better, and longer, tomorrow. From pediatrics to geriatrics, sociology to sexual health, these experts are pioneering new ways of assessing, solving and preventing problems at all ages.

Voices Gupta2

The pediatrician, on allergies

“As we raise our kids, we have to empower them to manage their food allergies, help them advocate for themselves, and teach them they don’t have to live in fear. They can live great lives.”

Read more about Ruchi Gupta’s research on food allergies here.

Voices Lindquist

The geriatrician, on aging

“Most seniors don’t want to move to assisted living. So, if we can get things lined up so that they can stay in their own home, then why not do it? We have the technology. We can send physicians to their homes. We can get support services, but we need to plan ahead.”

See how Lee Lindquist is using technology to bring peace of mind to families here.

Voices Carrillo

The sociologist, on sexuality

“For some reason, sexuality is one of the most charged human behaviors. It’s been invested with all kinds of meanings beyond sexual behavior itself, with a lot of consequences for people’s lives. And it’s important for us to address those meanings, and in the process, think about how people’s lives can be better.”

Check out Héctor Carrillo’s push toward interdisciplinary sexuality studies here.

Published: December 03, 2018. Updated: January 25, 2019.

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