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Collaborations at Northwestern

Collaborations at Northwestern

Innovation often happens at the unexpected intersection of disciplines. Northwestern scholars develop deep expertise in their particular subject area, and also reach out across boundaries to foster surprising breakthroughs. When leaders from across the University combine forces, they create both impactful collaborations and fascinating conversations.

Indira Raman & Susie Phillips

Indira Raman is a language-loving neuroscientist and Susie Phillips is an Medieval scholar who used to be a math major. They came together to answer the question: what happens when a neuroscientist and a humanist walk into a bar…? Together, their studies of the language of the brain and the language of ancient texts help shed new light on how humans think.

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Chad Mirkin & Leonidas Platanias

Chad Mirkin leads the International Institute for Nanotechnology, studying materials tinier than the imagination can fathom, while Leonidas Platanias leads the Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center battling one of humankind’s most destructive and pernicious diseases. In their work together they are attacking cancer on the tiniest possible scale.

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Published: October 12, 2017. Updated: August 03, 2018.

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