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NU-Q alumna featured in London art exhibition

Animated film by Latifah al-Darwish shown alongside other emerging Middle Eastern artists
Still from Latifa al-Darwish and Abdulaziz Ahmed's video عيوز نيوز: يوم الأم

EVANSTON - Northwestern University in Qatar alumna Latifa al-Darwish (Communication, Class of 2013) was selected to show in the group exhibition “Transition” by Reconnecting Arts at the Menier Gallery in London.

The exhibition, which opened Aug. 15 and continues through Sept. 2, showcases the work of 30 emerging Middle Eastern artists reflecting on the ways transition has taken place in their lives.

Issues include the effect of urbanization and displacement, balancing East and West, gender identity, faith and the future of the East.

The artists work in a variety of mediums, including painting, calligraphy, photography, sculpture, video and installation.

Darwish collaborated with artist Abdulaziz Ahmed on a short experimental animation film, which is dedicated to mothers and portrays a mother and son during various stages of their lives.

In an interview with Gulf Times, she said, “I have always been interested in drawing and photography, and I feel that moving images enable me to tell stories. I want to tell the untold stories of the Gulf region; there are few outlets for these stories.”

Darwish has been working in television production and is also at work on a short animation film now that is being funded by the Doha Film Institute.