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Faculty diversity initiatives recognized

Two new programs award nearly $165,000 to support campus initiatives
  • Two faculty members recognized with $5,000 awards for building diverse campus
  • Twelve initiatives granted total of $154,788 to enhance campus diversity
  • Recognition for efforts to support female STEM participation, Native American education

EVANSTON - Professors Loren Ghiglione, a champion of Native American scholarship and inclusion on campus, and E. Patrick Johnson, a prolific arts scholar and performer who founded the community-focused Black Arts Initiative, are the inaugural recipients of the Provost Award for Faculty Excellence in Diversity and Equity.

Each will receive $5,000 to further their diversity initiatives, and12 inaugural recipients of the Provost Grant for Faculty Innovation in Diversity and Equity include both individual faculty members and groups of researchers. The grants to the recipients range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Through these two programs, Northwestern University’s Office of the Provost has awarded nearly $165,000 to faculty to build a more diverse, inclusive and equitable climate on campus. The programs are aimed at enhancing diversity across the spectrum, including race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, age and political affiliation.

The grant recipients have proposed projects that will, for example, enhance female representation in STEM fields, expand media options for LGBT audiences and better serve individuals with visual, hearing or physical impairments.

“Understanding the diverse groups that make up our nation and the world is central to the critical thinking that is a hallmark of a university education,” Northwestern Provost Dan Linzer said. “And it is a privilege to honor faculty who, through their teaching and scholarship, are exploring diversity across disciplines to understand both the historic, economic and psychological consequences of biases as well as the incredibly rich ways that our differences contribute to our history, culture and art.”

The Provost Awards and Provost Grants will be given each year. The award nomination and grant application processes for 2017-18 will be announced on the Office of the Provost website during spring quarter 2017.

Recipients of Provost Awards for Faculty Excellence in Diversity and Equity Ghiglione and Johnson are recognized as exemplars working collaboratively to build a more diverse, inclusive and equitable climate at Northwestern.

  • Loren Ghiglione, professor in the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications, is recognized for his outstanding and ongoing work to illuminate and support the Native American population on campus. That includes his leadership of the 2015-16 One Book One Northwestern steering group and the 2016-17 Native American and Indigenous Peoples Steering Group, his successful efforts to recruit Native American faculty and his engagement of these issues with undergraduate students.

  • E. Patrick Johnson, chair of African-American Studies in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and Carlos Montezuma Professor of Performance Studies in the School of Communication, is recognized for his tireless work in building an interdisciplinary research, practice and community-focused Black Arts Initiative at Northwestern.

Recipients of Provost Grants for Faculty Innovation in Diversity and Equity
  • Nanette Benbow, research assistant professor, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, FSM; Héctor Carrillo, associate professor, sociology and gender and sexuality studies, WCAS; and Carlos Gallo, research assistant professor, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, FSM – for Latino Health: Latino Paradox Revisited, to develop an innovative, research-based and cross-disciplinary approach to addressing Latino health issues

  • Galen Bodenhausen, professor, psychology; Marcia Grabowecky, research associate professor, psychology; Vijay Mittal, assistant professor, psychology; and Onnie Rogers, assistant professor, psychology, WCAS – for One Book, Many Psychologies: Reading Diversity Science Together, a program that develops faculty and student workshops and other programming around a common text related to diversity in the field of psychology

  • Aymar Jean Christian, assistant professor, communication studies, SoC – for Open TV: Research and Development of Queer Television, a Chicago-based platform for television by queer, trans, cis-women and artists of color investigating what practices might sustain independent and community-based art in the digital age

  • Laura DeMarco, professor, mathematics; Ezra Getzler, professor, mathematics; Paul Goerss, professor and chair, mathematics; and Bryna Kra, professor, mathematics, WCAS – for Graduate Research Opportunities for Women in Mathematics (GROW), an NSF-funded national pipeline program for female undergraduate students interested in the field of mathematics

  • Michael Fleming, professor, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, FSM – for Science Immersion Program (SIP), a graduate student pipeline program with Chicago State University

  • Francesca Gaiba, associate director, Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing and research associate professor, medical social sciences, FSM – for funding to expand the impact of the 2017 National LGBTQ Health Conference: Bridging Research and Practice

  • Khalilah Gates, assistant professor, medicine; and Teresa Mastin, director, Diversity and Inclusion, FSM – for FSM Mentoring Circles for URM Students, a two-year mentoring program for URM pre-med undergraduate and FSM students

  • Mei-Ling Hopgood, clinical associate professor, journalism, Medill – for Diversifying Our Teaching and Our Teachers at Medill, to augment Medill’s training of diversity and inclusion pedagogical methods and recruitment of minority faculty members

  • Regina Logan, research assistant professor, SESP – for Towards a Pedagogy of Equity and Inclusion: Dialogic Processes in the Classroom, a program to deepen faculty training in the Intergroup Dialogue method

  • LaTasha Nelson, assistant professor, obstetrics and gynecology, FSM – for Alabama State University – Northwestern University: Pathway to Diversity, for an innovative mentorship pairing program

  • Teresa Woodruff, professor, obstetrics and gynecology and director, Women’s Health Research Institute, FSM – for 2 X Chromosomes in Academic (2XA) Workshops, a community building and networking program for all female students, post-docs, faculty and staff in all STEM and STEM-related fields at Northwestern University

  • Marcelo Worsley, assistant professor, learning sciences, SESP and electrical engineering and computer science, McCormick; Anne Marie Piper, assistant professor, communication studies, SoC; and Liz Gerber, associate professor, mechanical engineering, McCormick, learning sciences and design, SESP and communication studies, SoC – for Making and Inclusivity, a seminar-lab format class to develop functional prototypes for/with people with disabilities