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Northwestern’s Medill names social justice fellowship winners

A diverse group of Chicago journalists have received Social Justice News Nexus fellowships from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications.

The fellows will report on environmental and energy justice over the next six months, producing in-depth investigative and immersive stories on topics including illegal dumping, air pollution monitoring, food deserts, renewable energy jobs, and contamination and industrial development in minority neighborhoods.

The stories will be co-published by various local and national media outlets and on the SJNN website.

The fellowship program, now in its fourth cycle, brings reporters from diverse backgrounds together with Medill graduate students to explore social justice issues and to report in communities that are often left out of civic and policy debates.

Previous cycles of the fellowship focused on drug policy and treatment; mental health care and the criminal justice system; and public housing, homelessness and segregation. We are proud to announce our new class of fellows at a time when social justice journalism has never been more crucial and when environmental and energy justice questions are at the forefront of national debate.

The Social Justice News Nexus Fellows Cycle 4 

  • Robin Amer — deputy editor at The Chicago Reader
  • Jessica Fernandez and Adriana Cardona-Maguigad — investigative reporters at Univision Chicago
  • Lloyd DeGrane - freelance photojournalist
  • Dawn Reiss — freelance journalist
  • David Unger — freelance journalist
  • Kevin Stark — freelance journalist
  • Eiren Caffall — writer, musician and educator
  • Yana Kunichoff — freelance journalist
  • Michelle Kanaar — freelance photojournalist
  • Antonio Lopez — writer and recent executive director of Little Village Environmental Justice Organization
  • Jennifer Galan — radio journalist at Yollocalli Arts Reach
  • Gerardo Salgado Flores — radio journalist at Yollocalli Arts Reach

Biographies and past work by Social Justice News Nexus Fellows are featured on the Social Justice News Nexus website.

The Social Justice News Nexus is funded by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation.

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