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Wildcat GeoGame rewards global knowledge with pizza

EVANSTON - The Wildcat GeoGame, a University-wide initiative to broaden global knowledge, begins again today and will give people a chance to sharpen their geography skills.

The Northwestern community is invited to earn pizza while learning through the new online trivia challenge, which opens today, Jan. 3 and continues through the rest of the winter quarter.

Northwestern students, faculty and staff can answer a different geography-related question each day through the Daily Northwestern website.

Students who answer 30 questions correctly over the winter quarter will earn a free Blaze Pizza with unlimited toppings. 

Anyone with a Northwestern NetID can play.

Players may search for the correct answer before submitting a response.

The purpose of the game is to stimulate interest and to curate knowledge about the world. To help participants remember what they learn, each answer has an accompanying factoid.

Access the Wildcat GeoGame through The Daily Northwestern website.


How do I find the Wildcat GeoGame?
Go to and click on “Wildcat GeoGame” in the upper right-hand corner. You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions and authenticate (provide your Northwestern net ID and password).

How do I play the game?
New questions are added at the end of each day and will display after midnight; you can only answer once per day. Answer questions by going to and click on “Wildcat GeoGame” in the upper right-hand corner. You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions and authenticate (provide your Northwestern net ID and password).

Who can play the game?
Anyone with a net ID and password is encouraged to play the game. Northwestern students who answer 30 questions correctly in each quarter will earn a free pizza from Blaze.  If demand for the free pizzas exceed supply, students will be entered into a drawing to get a pizza.  Each quarter is a new session of questions to earn a pizza.  Faculty and staff will enter a separate drawing for free pizzas after they have answered 30 questions correctly in a quarter. 

Can I play the game on my phone?
While we have ensured the game works on mobile devices, we recommend viewing the map on a computer screen for efficiency.

Why can’t I submit my answer?
You can submit one answer per day, so please come back and play tomorrow!

Who will know if I get an answer wrong?
User data is private. Aggregate results are used for further study so feel free to play and learn the right answers.

What are the rewards?
Rewards are subject to change (see terms and conditions) but we are planning now to provide a free Blaze Pizza for any Northwestern student who answers 30 questions correctly in each quarter.  The qualifying time for the Fall 2016 quarter begins October 12 to December 5, 2016.  Winter quarter is January 3 to March 5, 2017. Spring quarter runs from March 28 to May 26, 2017.

What is Blaze Pizza?
Blaze Pizza is a popular chain in Chicago, including an Evanston location at 1737 Sherman Avenue.  You will receive a numbered coupon for a free pizza redeemable at any Chicago/Evanston area Blaze restaurant, with unlimited toppings and tax included. Blaze Pizza does not deliver.  For more information about Blaze Pizza, go to

Can I take my time to submit an answer to the Wildcat GeoGame?
Yes, you can take all day (from midnight to 11:59 p.m.) to answer.  When you submit, the game will ask you once to confirm your answers. Once submitted, your answers are final.

I want to talk to someone about my score.
If you have questions about the game, please email

What if I don’t like the reward?
Rewards are subject to change, but for the 2016-2017 school year the reward is pizza from Blaze for at least 30 correct answers in a quarter. Participants cannot request substitutions.

Why do students only get rewards?
Due to limited supply, we are first ensuring that students will be rewarded, but we do encourage all Northwestern personnel to play.  However, staff and faculty will be in a separate drawing for pizza rewards if they answer at least 30 correctly each quarter.

Why can’t I earn more than one reward per quarter?
Due to limited supply, there is only one reward per quarter. However, we encourage you to continue playing in a quarter after 30 correct answers.

I think the questions should be worded differently.
The questions have been provided by geospatial services at Northwestern University Libraries.  If you have concerns about any of the questions, email

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