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Advice for the Class of 2020

Northwestern students

How do you start your college years off right? We sought answers on social media, asking alumni, current students and friends of Northwestern for their best tips for success and happiness. Read their words of wisdom.

  • Ask people who the most inspiring professors are and take their classes. You will never forget them, and you will be transformed. - Gregg R. Baker
  • Make an effort to know your dorm neighbors. More than likely, many will become your lifelong friends. - @MG714
  • Be open-minded about views that are different from yours. Be deliberate in your actions. Make us alumni (and your families and yourselves) proud. - Michelle Coussens
  • Call your mom! - Millie Disotaur Londres-Wishnow
  • Do what you love. Don't worry about the money. The money will come. - David Walter Miller
  • See lots of sunrises on the lake with good friends you will have for life! - Angelica Giozalis Butte
  • Don't get caught up in the GPA race. Get involved in campus organizations; you may find some of your most useful experiences there. Have fun every now and then. Don't be shy about getting to know your professors. Keep in mind that 30 years from now, the midterm you're sweating over today won't matter, but the person you met in the cafeteria will. - Kevin Jones
  • Be kind do all those construction workers building your new campus. - Tim Gurnea
  • Meet as many people as you can! My husband and I met the first day in Willard! - @alisaromney
  • Don't be so wrapped up in studying. Make sure you enjoy your college life! Take in a football game, stay up late and sit at the lake, and make a ton of memories. - Jennifer Kim Thomas
  • Be sure to get involved in one of the many clubs and organizations at Northwestern, whether academic, volunteer or just for fun! - Caroline Paulison Andrew
  • Keep your head out of your phones. You are on the most beautiful campus surrounded by amazing people. Meet them. Form friendships. Have conversations. And always jump in the piles of fall leaves. - Laurie Miller Petersen
  • Learn and enjoy! It goes way too fast! - Robert Vermes
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